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This weekend I hung out with a childhood friend, Daniela, who is married with no kids. It was great catching up and talking about the old days. I left Ziana with daddy since she had been a huge pain the past three days. While Daniela spoke I realized how different our lives were and started to wonder if it wasn’t for Ziana how different my life would be. Would I be with my boyfriend? Would I be working at that awful job as a social worker? Could I have still been living with my parents? Tons of questions amerced.

Of course Ziana changed my life completely and I’m in love with the kid, but I know I’m not the only one who wonders what life would be like if they weren’t a parent. Daniela travels all the time, wakes up when she wants, can jump when she wants without thinking for both her and a child– I admire that life! She spoke on possibly leaving her job for the Summer and traveling around the world– who doesn’t want to do that!? A parent and traveling? That just doesn’t sound right, haha. Sure, I guess I can travel with a child, but Disney World gets old after the 3rd time. I want to go to Mexico and get drunk, go to Ireland and dance with the leprechaun’s, go to Greece and visit the coliseum without having a whiney baby attached to my hip or not being able to enter the bar. I’m joking! Relax, but you get where I’m going with it.

I was at an appropriate age when I had Ziana, but many of my friends without kids aren’t in a rush to start that new chapter. I don’t blame them one bit and here’s why the life of a non-parent is sometimes reminisced upon us:

– Sleep in late
– Get up, dressed, brush teeth and walk out door not worrying about everything you might need for the kid
– Can wear whatever they want without worrying if their kid will dirty it
– Walk around the house naked
– Have loud sex
– Eat out all the time
– Phone doesn’t have to go on vibrate
– Have all the sex they want
– Not think of buying diapers
– Don’t have to remember what time the child has to eat again
– Can curse all they want
– Can live the life of a member from the “Fast & Furious” when driving
– Don’t need to attend all these other kids birthdays
– Not worry about finding a babysitter
-Happy hour is always a go everyday of the week
– Baby proofing the house isn’t necessary
– Don’t need to learn all the terms that are used on baby center (SAHM, DH, LO)
– Don’t have to learn what a child needs to eat or not
– Don’t have to step foot into Babies R’ Us/Toy’s R’ Us and deal with annoying children
– Don’t have to find out if facilities have a changing table
– Figuring out where to change your baby isn’t a mission for you

A wonderful life wasn’t it?

Basically what I learned from my day with Daniela is that hanging out with friends who are non-parents is just not a good idea, stick with your mommy friends, haha. I’m kidding it’s just a different life and you have to live through their experiences which for now is just as good. I do love my life, I created the love of my life and get to walk this road with her forever, so although it’s a different life it’s also an amazing life.

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    Addie Lion (@baddielayney)
    Sep 3, 2013 at 2:34 am

    well, this makes me feel better! lol -_-

    • Reply
      Sep 3, 2013 at 9:39 am

      Hahaha. The truth girl, the truth.

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