Levels of Stupidity in Men


“Stupidity is always astounding; no matter how often one encounters it.”
– Jean Cocteau

The stupidity of men is always surprising. I use to think that they were just purposely being dumb, but I’ve come to find out they are truly oblivious to many things in life. Living with a man you will see this first hand- EVERYDAY. The word idiot and every form of it has become part of my everyday vocabulary that I just say it because it’s comforting, haha.

1. They will never get to things as fast as you would like them to. Example: cleaning dishes. If they were on their own, just know that the sink would be piled up!

2. They walk past things that are on the floor. Oh they see it! They press on their brakes, examine it and leave whatever it is on the floor. Their excuse? I didn’t know what you wanted to do with it. It’s a damn cardboard box right in front of the door. He knows what that placement means!

3. They’re inconsiderate without even knowing their inconsiderate. I can’t speak from experience with my boyfriend on this one thankfully, but that’s always been an issue in the past.

4. They will drop their towel off anywhere or for some reason they like to roll it up in a ball and place it in a high place like it’s a damn sculpture.

5. Here comes laundry time and what do you find? Just guess…… Socks turned inside out. I don’t understand why guys can’t take them off correctly so the outside of the sock is washed. Apparently, this is too hard of a concept to grasp because it’s never done.

6. I know every woman can relate to this. There’s only one more glass of orange juice or milk left in the carton, but guess what he does? He makes his glass and leaves about 5 drops of it for you in the fridge. Aw! How freaking thoughtful! That will go perfectly with my two pieces of lettuce.

7. Or how about when their using the bathroom and they don’t spray? Or when they do spray they empty out half the can. Dingbat.

8. Don’t need to get my hair wet, but leave it up to HIM to get it wet by leaving the shower head on.

9. Do ya not have a closet or draws? Why is all your clothes in piles in the closet? Why are your hats everywhere in the house? Do you even care about clutter? Do you know what clutter is?

You know what? After writing this I now understand why a commercial geared towards men is so simple. That’s what they get! Simple. Nothing to make them use their noggin. Regardless I love him, haha.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″][/youtube]

Think I made my point.

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