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Lamar Odom– Douchebag of 2013


Talk about the worlds biggest douche-bag of 2013– Lamar Odom. The beloved ex-basketball player (because he’s still not signed yet) and soon to be ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian has taken the reign. I absolutely loved these two, from what we got to see on tv it appeared that they had a great relationship– and maybe they once did.

We all know that Lamar Odom has taken a turn for the worse with his cocaine habit, DUI charges and now his cheating ways which he takes no blame for.

It was rather courageous of Khloe to show Lamar Odom some tough love by kicking him out until he completed rehab (which he never did). But to stand by him after confessing that he’s cheated on her, not once, but multiple times!? No way!

This douche-bag takes no responsibility for him putting his nasty stick inside women who weren’t Khloe. Lamar Odom claims his friends always brought girls around, and that’s the reason he strayed. You know that excuse– he fell inside the woman’s vagina? It happens–

If you’re a cheater (which you shouldn’t be) don’t tell the world. Work it out with your spouse. Don’t embarrass them or yourself by being a prickly prick.


We know that Lamar Odom has to clean up his act, but most importantly get rid of his low-life-bum-of-a-best-friend-who-does-nothing-with-his-life Jamie Sangouthai. It’s clear that he wants Lamar Odom all to himself since he’s the one who recorded that video and posted it on the Internet. Watch video here.

And if you think about Jamie’s diabolical plan he’s smart. Keep Lamar Odom drugged up, doing stupid things and not be in a committed relationship? Who’s winning? Jamie. He gets to live the life through Lamar who, being drugged up and drunk, won’t know what’s going on and trust him. Smart man Jamie. Smart man.

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