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I’m not at all close to being an athlete; I don’t play sports, I hate to run or move which then causes sweat, it’s just something not meant for me. Now how did I land a lad who absolutely loves everything I can’t stand? I still have no idea. My boyfriend has enjoyed running within the past few months and has helped with a bit with his back issues, so it’s no surprise that he wanted to see if Ziana would be into too.

About a month ago we started taking her to the track because he had signed her up for the France Run 8K in Central Park, so we wanted to start “training” her. We bought her a pair of snazzy red Nike Roshe One to match her daddy and had her run with him by his side. All she had to do was run a lap and at first of course she stopped here and there. The second time we took her she just stopped once, the third time we took her she ran two laps with a break in between and didn’t stop at all! Is this s potential runner!?

I think it’s super important to keep your child active and sign them up for sports at a young age so they can become great at something and most importantly to lead a healthy lifestyle of being active. Sports help a child develop physical skills, exercise, make friends, have fun, sportmanship, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem. We are those parents who are the ones who would push and have pushed Ziana (3-years-old) to give it her all and not hype her up when she doesn’t do great or win. We’re proud to an extent, but will push her to always do better and not be pleased with being second, SHOCKING! Some parents may be judging us and others are on the same boat as us.

There was a viral video that went around on Facebook where the father of a boy won a participation medal for not having won the game of whatever sport it was, the father told the son to respectfully decline and not take the medal. People were outraged! We weren’t at all. Why have your child accept a participation medal? What message is that sending to do whatever crappy job and you’ll be rewarded? No thank you.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

And now without further a due the photos from daddy and daughter’s France Run..

 photo DSC_0012_zps60xieogk.jpg Catching daddy (in the red) running in the beginning of the race



> photo DSC_0022_zpsmpe3mwzh.jpg Daddy was out of it after his run

 photo DSC_0026_zpsdyhplt2u.jpg

 photo DSC_0030_zpsfqugq8cn.jpg

 photo DSC_0032_zpslbpergpv.jpg Ziana’s signature pose when getting ready for a run

 photo DSC_0037_zps6oftnkv3.jpg

 photo DSC_0041_zpsgmbocipx.jpg Receiving her medal

 photo DSC_0042_zpsqjnoacod.jpg

 photo DSC_0044_zpszryg1l3o.jpg

 photo DSC_0045_zpsmrzaforc.jpg Renatta and Z

 photo DSC_0046_zpsdcyrri7c.jpg

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  • Reply
    Delia R
    Sep 4, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    I agree, it’s important to help our kids be active…it’ll become a normality when they’re older to stay active, you are so right! I respectfully (and it’s always respectfully…???? disagree with the how you feel about motivation. I praise my kids in whatever they’re doing, I let them know to try their hardest and I’m always proud! I grew up in a home where, nothing my siblings and I ever did was good enough and in that same manor we weren’t pushed to be the best. My parents didn’t mean to be like that it’s just how they are. A good balance of pushing and praise is always good!:)

    • Reply
      Sep 8, 2015 at 9:24 pm

      lol I wasn’t pushed to do my best just in school work. I was in every sport and my parents just let me quit. I don’t want to inflate her head when she does bad, but not be extreme and punish her for it.

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