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Ideas for a Kids Bedroom When Living in a Small Place

Ideas for a Kids Bedroom When Living in a Small Place

I figured I’d give a quick tour of the kids bedroom since I’ve always been asked how I can possibly fit two kids in a tiny New York City apartment. When you decorate a home it takes time– at least for us regular folks on a budget to complete project around your home. There’s not one room in our home that’s complete, I know it’s pretty bad, but some rooms are about 75% done so that’s not too bad! Just in case you’ve missed the blog post on my bedroom check it out here. Also, I’ll be giving you links to what I bought or options for you to choose from. You are so very welcome!

wall decor in a kids room

ideas for small space storage

Wall Decor

We honestly didn’t know how a crib, toddler bed and a bunch of unnecessary toys would fit, but we made it happen. Tons of shelves and bins, also throwing out a bunch of toys out helped the situation. We also had to repaint Ziana’s once pink room to a more neutral color for her new room mate. I love a good shade of gray so we went with that and scared it would drown the room in a dark grey cloud, I suggested we do some white stripes for some dimension. It worked beautifully! I added a touch of mirrored stars– not the best- but some did end up staying put. Added that silver garland and I had a very happy little girl.

Tassled Garland:

Acrylic Removable Decorative Mirror Surface Crystal Wall Stickers

Of course, you can’t leave the walls bare so with some shopping at Burlington Coat Factory for some adorable child-friendly paintings. Now these paintings were perfect due to their pastel colors which bought a subtle and calm feel to the room. I originally wanted to go with bright skittle decor– As for the striped wall just because it was a striped wall didn’t mean it couldn’t have some pazazz. When I worked on a Target campaign I saw this silver/foil garland literally shine me down and I knew it’d be a great addition to the party, but I didn’t want to get rid of it so out it to good use! Some fashionable decor in the kids room.

Animal Canvas Paintings:

ikea furniture for a bedroom

how to get storage space in an apartment

Storage in bedroom

Everybody needs storage and when you’re in an apartment the space becomes non-existent. I was so over having toys in the living room messing up my decor that I knew I wanted their toys in their room (wishful thinking if you watch our vlogs). In order to keep most of it out we needed to invest in shelves anywhere we could place them. Then to keep clothes from being thrown all over the room we needed a dresser with a lot of drawers. The dresser we got from IKEA was a cheaper version and it was wood. First, we thought, oh we can paint it and make pretty drawings on it, then remembered we don’t like to paint and now just say we love the farmhouse look (I actually do though) so it worked out perfectly!

We got the clothes covered, but what about the tons of shoes and what appears to be thousands of toys? More storage! Before you start throwing everything in the baskets, go through them and throw some used up and old toys, stuffed animals out. I threw about 80% of the stuffed toys away and I still feel guilty, but moms and dads, you can do it! I believe in you! Screwed in a bunch of shelves all the way up to the ceiling and had more room ever imaginable.

I also decided on buying a under bed storage unit to put the baby’s diapers and wipes because we ll know those boxes are too big to put anywhere. This one right here has a dual-hinged lid provide easy access to stored items.

Toy Chest:
1- Ziana’s toy chest but in different colors-

White Shelves:
1- Ours 11 3/4″ shelves-
2- Ours – 43 1/4″-

Crib and bed

Whenever I can save money I’m a happy gal, Gunner’s gorgeous crib is from Dream on Me was given to by a blogger friend Boyz Rule Our World and I of course took it! That emerald color was too beautiful to pass up. Then for Ziana’s bed we went with a white wood finish.

Gunner’s Crib:
1- His actually crib-

Penguin Pillow Pet in crib:

Ziana’s bed:

I still have a ways to go– but little, by little amigos! Just keep reading and watching the transformation here.

tips to keep clutter minimal

toddler beds

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