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Just Another Baby Mama?

Being a mother is beyond amazing. Being a step-mother to a kid that’s not yours? Well it’s hard, but acceptable. How about being another baby mama under a guys belt? And not just a second baby mama– or third, but fourth!?

That’s a lot to swallow– well in a case such as that no swallowing happened– ah, forget it.

We’re all congratulating Ciara for her pregnancy with the cute long-hair dreaded producer Future. Until we find out that Future is quite the little (or big) man on campus that is impregnating women with his super sperm. Not to say no one is happy for Ciara, we are because who doesn’t adore her,but we all are judging just a bit., not her necessarily, but the situation.


Oh, hush up! Just because you don’t speak the words out loud doesn’t mean you’re not judging!

How can a woman be so accepting to dating a man who has so many women who will never leave his life? It’s crazy! Not many women or men ( if you turn the situation around) could ever go along for this ride. I know I couldn’t.


We don’t know the circumstance of their relationship and he probably never told her until she was all up in her feelings for him and had no other choice, but to accept it. That’s how you get them! Have them fall in love and anything that comes out your mouth will be butterflies and roses.

I dated a guy with a kid before and didn’t have an issue. We were in the middle of moving along with the relationship when he found out he had a daughter who was about 3-years-old! WHAT!? Now I can potentially be a stepmother to two kids? How do I explain this to people? Well, obviously that relationship didn’t last long.

I don’t think I could knowingly date a man who had so many baby mama’s. It’s showing that he keeps it moving, doesn’t work on the relationship and is irresponsible. Granted us women may be a little bit too crazy, but we aren’t going to investigate all the details of his past relationships. Much less three relationships! That’s a lot of work.

Or just maybe Future was a fool thinking he was in love with the other baby mamas. We all kiss frogs to eventually find ‘the one.’ Maybe he’s actually a man in love with love and found his true love years later with Ciara. Doesn’t that sound better? I like this theory better–

I might be alone in this– or I may not be. Do you think you could ever deal with a man (or woman) like this knowing beforehand or finding out during the relationship that your just an added number to his growing list of baby mama’s?

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