Is Cooking The Way To A Man’s Heart?

Cooking is the way to a man’s heart? I definitely disagree! Before my boyfriend I didn’t know how to cook. The men before him and even him knew that and didn’t care much. It wasn’t my fault that I didn’t know how to season meat, cook rice or how to fry food– it was my mother’s fault!

The whole time I lived with my parents I was never taught. I tried to learn, I did! But my mom wasn’t having it. She hated having to tell me what to do and had no patience in teaching me so it would turn into a fight and I would leave. Plus my mom always said she didn’t want to teach me how to cook because she didn’t want me to slave in the kitchen for a man as she does. My parents are very old-school where the woman does everything in the home including having dinner on the table every night. Understandable, but didn’t help me much in the long run.

The day after my college graduation from John Jay I was on my way to Rockville, Maryland for an internship at the Department of Health and Human Services. As I mentioned in a earlier post “Internships” it was a great experience– learning how to survive without mommy and daddy.

I remember my first two weeks me and my roommates went food shopping and bought dollar pizzas and dollar macaroni and cheese to eat everyday.

20130218-224144.jpg Oh yeah, and have to have bananas! Haha

After the third week I needed something with a bit more substance. So I dared to buy steak and microwaveable rice– don’t judge me. My first time making rice back when I was home came out horrible! It was all burnt and I had to call my friend to come over and make it haha. Plus I had to learn in small steps I didn’t want to rush the process. The steak had come out great and I got more and more bolder and started to buy more meats. After two months it was back to New York and back to mommy’s meals.

When I had moved in with my boyfriend I didn’t know zilch about cooking. Once again it was back to square zero and having to learn the basics again. My boyfriend knew about my short-comings before getting in a relationship with me and didn’t mind much that I couldn’t cook– in the beginning.

So do you need to know how to cook to get a man? Absolutely not! I think all that matters is that you’ve tried and make attempts in cooking dinner once in a while. Food is definitely the way to a man’s heart, but it’s not the only way ladies.

I love cooking! I’m always looking up new recipes and buying new seasonings and all. I don’t do it because I have to I really do have fun cooking. I’m not going to be the next Chef Ramsey, but I’m okay– okay for the both of us, haha.

Therefore, if you’re a mess as I was before I knew how to cook– fear not. There’s hope! All you have to do is tell a man that you don’t cook or you suck from the get so they have no one to blame, but themselves later when their starving and there’s no food. Or you can opt for just walking around in lingerie carrying take-out every night.

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