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Hulk Hogan Gets Busy



Is it just me or does everyone else also google and YouTube a celebrity once their sex tape is out in the public? Yes I am guilty of it! Who doesn’t want to see how celebrities have sex!? Are they just as normal or freaky as us?

So when Hulk Hogan’s sex tape surfaced you better believe I went searching! I know, I know, it’s Hulk Hogan who wants to see his white-draped-hair and shiny head in sexual positions? Yet I couldn’t resist.

As many of you may know the sex tape includes another woman who was his best-friends then wife Heather Clem. Hulk was also married during that time in 2006. See people want to call him a douche-bag for having cheated on his wife Linda, with his best-friends now EX-wife. Who cares? They both agreed to get it on and yes it was blessed by his best bud! When he leaves the two in the bedroom he says “I’ll be in my office if you need anything.” Is that horrible or is that just the best type of friend to have?

When you see the video (which I only got a clip) it’s as if it was a business arrangement. Right before doing the do, Hulk gets a call from someone and the ringtone is his daughter Brooke’s song “About Us.” Then he keeps talking to Clem about how he ate so much and he has to meet up with his son Nick. He then fits into the conversation that Nick’s girlfriends twin sister called him to hook up. Gross! Who is this girl? I must say though, Hulk is such a gentleman he says “Thank you” and then asks if she would like the door opened or closed, Awww what a guy!

Okay so without further a due here is a quick snip-snip:

For some extra entertainment I have the funny comedian TPindell’s prospective on the whole “sex-affair”

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