How To Piss Your Man Off…


Us women tend to piss our men off without intentionally meaning to do so– well sometimes. Other times we’re just oblivious to what we do we never know why they get so pissed off. So I decided to give you some pointers on what not to do to piss them off OR you can use these pointers to intentionally piss them off, haha.

– Ask him to do something during a sporting event. This is something that doesn’t need to be said, you just know not to do this.

– Not buying anything he likes from the grocery store. Spend an extra buck or two on his favorite snacks.

– Going shopping and not buying anything he likes ie: buying lingerie and he doesn’t like any of it.

– Borrowing their car and leaving it on empty.


– Taking too long to make a decision. I am 101% guilty of this– there’s just too many good ways to go about something, right?

– Insecurities. He’s with you for a reason so enough with the bull!

– Eating all or leaving one piece of their favorite snack/food of theirs. My boyfriend always asks me to try something and when I like it he has no one to blame, but himself when I eat everything.

– Calling constantly for no reason when he’s out with the guys. He’s out, leave him be child.

– Being socially challenged around other people. You better learn quick how to be somewhat of a social butterfly because no one likes the awkward quiet girl in the background.

– Not being ambitious enough. You have goals and don’t follow through on reaching them. Sort of guilty of this–

– Disrespecting his shoe collection; scuffing them, throwing them. Their shoes are like our hair to us. Don’t touch it!!!


– Trying to change them. You can’t just go in and say he has to do this and that. There’s a better way 😉

– Over reacting to tiny things and blowing it up into something huge. We’re born to be a bit dramatic and having watched all these soap operas don’t help.

-Lack of affection. Don’t smother the guy, but give some hugs and kisses once in a while.

– Being a “daddy’s girl.” Thinking a man should do everything for you and everything should be fed to you on a silver spoon.

– Being oblivious to other men flirting with you in front of your man. Apparently, I’m guilty if this, but I don’t recall. I call it being nice 🙂

– Taking way too long to get ready. Sorry, we want to look good for YOU.


– Not wanting to have sex when they want to.

– Not sexually experimenting. My friend was very explicit with this topic, but ill leave it at that.

– NUMBER ONE: Talking too much ie: bitching, complaining, nagging, asking too many questions and so on. My boyfriend says that if we just shut our mouths they’d never get mad (side eye). I do kind of believe this–

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