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Here’s to a New Year, New Me?

Here’s to a New Year, New Me?

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When December hits people start thinking about the new year that’s approaching. List of goals we want to accomplish and how to better ourselves. I never cared much for those lists mostly because I never follow through– I’m too lazy to eat right, I’m way too tired to work out and it’s hard to change yourself! But, I get why these “lists” are important.

Personal Goals

They’re like vision boards, but instead of a measly piece of paper that you crumble up or a thought you can erase from your mind, they’re in YO FACE! Every year I say I’m going to eat better– mostly stop eating bread and rice as if it’s needed for me to survive. I say I’ll start working out at home, but my couch always looks cozier (little devil) and that I’m going to stop my mood swinging-emotional-snappy-self, but every month I have days, even weeks of great success and then BOOM, I severely decline into a pitfall of disappointment. Those are personal goals and I’m going to continue on having those New Year’s resolutions on my mind, piece of crumbled paper and my future vision board.

Business and Family Goals

But besides my personal goals I do have other goals I want to work on business-wise and family-wise.

1. We have plans on traveling to Georgia, Niagara Falls and Nashville

2. Work on my blog– all that SEO, ranking better, certification crap etc. And maybe learn a bit of it?

3. Go to the gym for at least 4 months before Summer starts

4. Being happy with where I am in life and stop thinking of what I think I need to be happy. Gratitude!

5. Stop raising my voice for everything! I grew up in a Latino family where we needed to be heard. So 10 feet away or 10 steps away we reached those high decimals. Plus, I don’t think my neighbors are too thrilled with it either.

6. Try meditation… maybe yoga? Okay, that yoga thing might be unrealistic.

Mantras for the New Year

With those goals in mind, vision board to come! I also want to think of a mantra for myself. Something I need to say to myself everyday when I wake up to put the good juju out there in the world and believe in it. I gave Ziana (my daughter) a mantra that she repeats to me all the time; “I am Kind, I am Loved, I am Strong and I am Wise”

I found this one online and absolutely love it; “I am worthy of love and full of love for others.” I have a serious problem with pushing people I love away- parents, family, spouse. We’re all deserving of love– yes, even the killer. I teach my kids to be kind to others even when they aren’t too nice to them and I don’t want to continue on teaching them bad behaviors especially when I drive. Road rage! So yes, I want to love the person who cut me off just to go slower in front of me (side eye).

What are your goals? Do you have any mantras?

Now enjoy some of the fun as I put in the New Year!

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