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Happy Fourth Of July!

gorgeous baby photo

It was quite an amazing fourth of July weekend! It was different this year because my family didn’t all get together at my dad’s house and have a BBQ. We all did our own thing and to be honest we didn’t have anything planned until last minute. Not only that, but tit was raining in the morning and early afternoon so we were sure our plans were going to be ruined. Either way, we took the risk and decided to head out to Brooklyn Heights and watch the Macy’s Show. It was an experience not only for me, but for Ziana. With that not only do I have the video of our day, but also photos of the day!!

Brooklyn Heights

happy fourth of july

father and daughter

brooklyn heights view

independence day

duck faces I usually don’t condone this “duck-face” behavior, but admit this is cute!!

close up bee I was freaking out for my boyfriend, but this came out gorgeous!

family portrait

water show

baby model Never day off– always about business!

headshots When you take your own photo this is what happens! Way too close for comfort–

silly baby

brooklyn heights

Silly face His face!! LOL I laughed so hard!

fireworks shot Ziana was scared of the loud sounds–

amazing fireworks photo

adorable baby

mommy and daughter

beautiful baby

mother and daughter

hapy fourth of july

beautiful fireworks

macys fireworks

brooklyn heights


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