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Gross Gym Germs (Prevention)


The gym is an infested pool of germs! Although, it’s a great way to stay fit don’t think it’s completely safe. Lets talk about gross gym germ…

I started going to Lucille Roberts three weeks ago and was told what I would need to buy. Buy? I had sneakers and work-out clothes what else did I need?

Think about it– you jump on a machine or mat that someone else used and you’re touching what they touched. Who knows if they washed their hands after using the bathroom? Who knows if they picked their nose or have a cold? No one, but them. You’re simply swimming in their germs and sweat and not even know it.

You can get anything from HPV to Athletes Foot to Klebsiella, and there’s more at Men’s Fitness which goes into detail. A must read!

If you don’t want to get this–


Listen, or rather read carefully what I am telling you.

1- It’s important to get your own mat especially if you’re not only into yoga or Pilates, but if you take the classes a gym provides. If you don’t want to buy your own mat then you can simply borrow the gyms mat, but you MUST clean it off with the wipes they provide.


2- If you’re going to be using any machines you need to also wipe them down; handles, seat (very important) and panel.

3- Bring a towel with you to use when sweat drips off your head instead of using your hands because remember you’re touching dirty equipment.


4- Also if you’re going to be using equipment it’s a good idea to use gloves so you don’t have too much exposure to the equipment and they don’t damage your skin with callus.

5- Carry a pair of flip-flops for the locker room if you intend on showering or using the sauna room.

6- Keep your dirty gym clothes separate from your clean clothes. Use a bag to put the gym clothes in.

7- Wash your hands before and after entering and leaving the gym.


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