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Girl Code? Kendall Jenner + Selena Gomez

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner  and Selena Gomez

Girl Code? Kendal Jenner + Selena Gomez

What peeked my interest in such a topic we’re the rumors going around about Selena Gomez and how she dumped the Jenner sisters due to bad influences from them. Okay. Good for her if that’s what she needed.

However, the gossip world have speculated about what the real reasons may have been regarding the sudden ending of a “friendship.” Some sources have reported that Selena Gomez felt that the Jenner sisters were getting to close for comfort with beau Justin Bieber. Who knows if that’s true, but guess who’s spotted together yesterday in NYC? Kendall Kenner and Justin Bieber!

Juicy. Juicy!

Now reports are saying that they met up at a studio for a meeting regarding a Calvin Klein ad they’ll be in together, but that hasn’t been confirmed or denied. Time will tell.

Anyways, this is an interesting situation. We all know the rules of girl code, right? Okay, well some of do at least. The threesome going on with these three celebrities had me thinking about a good question I’m sure that has crossed some of our minds at one time. Say that Kendall and Justin wanted to date would that be betraying some girl code IF Kendall and Selena weren’t really friends for that long? I say it’s not at all any betrayal.

They weren’t really friends and sometimes someone else has that deeper connection with your beau than what you ever had with them. Is it right? Definitely not and I’d probably wreck her car, chop her hair off and spike her drinks with laxatives, but we’re not talking about me.

Some of us have gone through disloyal female friends/acquaintances and know this isn’t uncommon to have females enter your life without a motive. Who knows if Kendall didn’t have an ulterior motive when befriending Selena Gomez. If she did then she’s evil, but if she didn’t then go for it.

Are girl codes only between friends or females in general?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

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