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Get Your Teeth White Again

Crest-3D-white-strips-with-light-does-it-workGet Your Teeth White Again

Pearly whites… never had them, well I’m sure at the age of 8 maybe I had them, but a couple years ago I noticed that I had yellow teeth.

Yeah, yellow- yellow as my pal Big Bird.

Maybe not exactly like Big Bird, but they were not white, not even close to white. I had spoken to a high-school friend whose now a dentist and she gave me prices of getting my teeth treated and it cost some serious bucks. She did suggest going the more affordable, yet affective route– Crest Whitestrips. I never thought to go that route, but I rather the $50-100 investment opposed to the $400-600 route. I put that thought on the backend again until I saw an episode of Wendy Williams where she featured the and was excited. For only $100 I get the strips with the light? The light that dentist actually use?! Yes please.

During one of our many Target runs we saw the holy grail– Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light. By the way, right now they have a sale going on now so the regular $90 I paid is now $80.

Now, did this actually work on my teeth? I guess this is where you have to watch my video to see the 10-day process —

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