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Fun Christmas Traditions


Growing up my family wasn’t about doing any Christmas traditions. All we really did was just surround ourselves with family, have my dads infamous hot chocolate and open presents at 12:00AM on Christmas. Okay, those are traditions, but nothing spectacular.

Now having my boyfriend around, him and his family are all about traditions! And I love them! They make me love every holiday with their traditions.

Here are my 10 favorite fun Christmas traditions that you can start doing with your family to make forever-lasting memories…


1. We make our own ornaments every year and exchange them with one another.

2. Bake cookies (as we do) or make a dish every year so it could be your “yearly” whatever.

3. Go visit Santa and write a letter to Santa.

4. Elf on the shelf! This little elf apparently keeps an eye on your kiddies to help keep them on their best behavior because he’ll report back to Santa. Also every morning he’s in a new spot and the kids need to find him. Very cute!

5. Decorate the Christmas tree together and have the kids put the topper on the tree. Like we did–



6. Make a gingerbread house.

7. Open one gift on Christmas Eve.

8. Visit the tree farm and pick out your perfect tree for your family. Love this!


9. Camp out in front of your Christmas tree one night. Keep the tree lights on, read holiday stories, and snack on holiday treats.

10. Write a family holiday letter to inform family and friends on just the major highlights that occurred during the year. Not everyone has social media-

And those are my top 10 favorite holiday traditions! I hope you’ll participate in a few with me 🙂

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