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FRAMES Bowling

Last week was my boyfriend’s birthday and since he’s been talking non-stop about bowling I decided to well go bowling. Who knew bowling had gotten so expensive!! Everywhere I looked it seemed that people were charging an arm and a leg and if you wanted to go after 9 well the prices just went up. The best affordable package we found for two hours of bowling was FRAMES in Port Authority. For two hours of bowling, complimentary coat-check, complimentary beer tower and shoes it was $36 a person– trust me it’s not that bad. On top of bowling, FRAMES also has their own lounge area, bar and small arcade room. I had a fun time and the staff was nice– everyone except the $5 hookers that were at the front desk who were rude and God forbid they cracked a smile. I think every company needs to hire approachable and friendly employees when hiring (just a thought!) ANYWAYS! Here are some of the photos I took and hopefully I’ll make another trip there again–

Tried a technique…

I tried some type of technique to do this photo. Don’t ask me how lol

I think the second game I ended with 8 points haha. I’m so bad.

Get your own shoes!

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