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Football Season Is Fast Approaching


Football season is coming soon! How do I know? Well I haven’t been able to shut my boyfriend up about it. When football comes around it’s like adding a new member to your family your schedule is now dictated by the teams schedule.

Grandmas got a birthday this Sunday? Nope, no can do because the niners are playing. Yeah, we’re a niners family.

Now as the girlfriend or wife of a football fan here are a few rules to obey by:

• Have the fridge stocked with your mans favorite beer

• Be prepared to have the house a mess on Sundays. They will not pitch in to help.

• Sunday Fundays don’t include you anymore

• Thursday nights no need to slave in the kitchen the boys are coming over to watch the game.

• Make sure to have Buffalo Wild Wings on speed dial.

• Wash his football attire so he can wear his team’s shirt or jersey every week.

• Don’t talk when the game is on, just shut up. If you can’t do that leave the home immediately.

• Have a full box of tissues, cough drops for sore throats and Tylenol for headaches on deck.

• Get your own team attire of your mans favorite team of course. Even if you don’t know crap about football looking cute in an outfit will show him how much you care.

Now, if your man isn’t planning on staying home for games then you’re a lucky gal! No need to stress and mess of dealing with the football crap, haha.

Good luck ladies!



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