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First Camping Experience with Rangers!

Z giving you guys "I Love You" in sign language :)

Z giving you guys “I Love You” in sign language 🙂

As a child I never went camping and it was never I even thought I’d want to do, until I met my boyfriend. He is the outdoorsy guy who likes to do it all and camping was definitely one of his top faves. I’m one of those people who absolutely love free family events in New York so I’m constantly checking NYC Gov Parks or the Urban Park Registration programs to see what special programs that you can apply for. The Park Rangers have great activities in all five boroughs; canoeing, tours, archery and even camping, which is what we did!

It wasn’t overnight camping unfortunately, although they do have that coming up and hopefully will get picked (lottery) to attend, but it was still a fun experience to see what camping is about a bit. To prepare we bought some chairs to sit on, mosquito spray, sweaters just in case it got nippy at night and the rest was covered by the Rangers. The lottery picked 30 individuals to attend, had s’mores for the kids, taught us to look for the right stick and how to wilt down a stick for our s’mores, had some great stories for the kids, singing and fun games! Me and my boyfriend were more into the games than Ziana!

Make sure to check out what other programs they have coming out and make sure to apply! Now without further a due here are our family photos!

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Guardian- Mosquito & Tick Repellent

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mother and daughter

Z couldn't stand the fire lol

Z couldn’t stand the fire lol

...but definitely enjoyed the s'mores

…but definitely enjoyed the s’mores

I may have enjoyed the s'mores myself as well...

I may have enjoyed the s’mores myself as well…

Eating the burnt marshmallow Ziana made

Eating the burnt marshmallow Ziana made

wilhelmina kids

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