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Family Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Mis Amigos! So, it’s practically Thanksgiving, and I’m still here reminiscing about our last three Halloweens because, let’s be real, I’m all about that ‘better late than never’ life. So, grab your leftover candy and let’s dive into the not-so-timely, but definitely stylish, evolution of our family Halloween costumes over the years!

2019: Beetlejuice extravaganza costumes

A hauntingly hilarious chapter in our family’s costume saga. Decked out in black-and-white stripes and wild wigs, we were basically the Beetlejuice fan club on the loose. However, what truly set this Halloween apart was our uncanny portrayal of the ill-fated couple from that tragic car accident – a dynamic Beetlejuice and Lydia duo.

2021: Beauty and the Beast family- Because Belle Needed Backup

Last year, we decided to grace the neighborhood with our presence as the cast of Beauty and the Beast. Now, I don’t want to brag, but our rendition of Belle and the Beast was basically Oscar-worthy. I couldn;t be Belle, because come on, the kids have to be the center of attention. Ziana was Belle, Gunner was The Beast, my Boytoy rocked the Gaston muscles (dreamy) and I was one of the three sisters who were obsessed with Gaston. No one knew who I was. Failure on my part!

2022: Stranger Things

The next year, we thought, “Hey, let’s throw it back to the ’80s and channel our inner Hawkins residents.” So, there we were, rocking Demogorgon vibes and contemplating parallel dimensions. When Ziana has mentioned being Stranger Things, I wasn’t excited. It wasn’t until dad decided to be One, instead of Hopper. BRILLIANT! I’m sure no one would date like One. And it was a hit!

2023: Villains – Because Who Needs Heroes?

This year, because we’re all about embracing our dark side (and also because my daughter insisted), we went as a gang of villains. I, personally, channeled my inner Cruella, Ziana was Harley Quinn, my son was loving his Joker character and Boytoy was Carnage.

Our family might not be the best at keeping up with timely celebrations, but we sure know how to make a fashionably late entrance. Until next Halloween, or whenever I get around to posting about it.

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