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Family Beach Day

family beach day

This past weekend we went to Jones Beach and enjoyed a family beach day with my mommy as the special guest. The weather was amazing, the sun gave me a bit of a sunkiss tan and the water well– was cold like Antarctica water (as I say), haha. I couldn’t bare go in to the ocean while Ziana, mother and boyfriend enjoyed the waves. My boyfriend and daughter made beach furniture, which basically consists of making big holes everywhere, while I tanned and my mother read a book. Then to top off the whole day Ziana decided to have a huge poopy accident in her swimsuit. If you watch my daily vlog channel on YouTube you enjoyed the day with us… watch below-

Also, if your a daily vlogger of my thatsBetsyV YouTube channel you may know I’m doing a small contest where you chose one of these photos create a meme and tag me @thatsbetsyv (Twitter/Instagram). I’ll have the meme’s posted up and you get to chose the winner! The winner will get a Skype call with the family!

running on the beach Running up and down the beach was all the entertainment Ziana needed

beach baby

father and daughter Daddy grabbed Ziana to enjoy the waves

beach pictures

baby in the ocean Ziana wasn’t to fond of the water

women Three generations <3 baby in sand

sand castle Ziana in daddy’s big inclining hole with a STAIR!

mother and daughter Ziana smiled for this picture, but soon after she was kicking me out of her hole!

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