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Elf on The Shelf Ideas for Kids

Elf on The Shelf Ideas
elf on the shelf

He’s baccccck! Elf on the Shelf is back in our lives or as we call him in our home Tony Antonio Ton-Ton– long name we couldn’t agree on a name thus put them all together. What do you call yours? I’m always curious to know if anyone has fun name like ours. Some people love that little guy– or girl because it brings something extra to Christmas, making many adults wish we had that in our childhood.

When I first saw the whole Elf on the Shelf phenomenon I was rolling my eyes because here comes another faze in getting sucked into buying things that we don’t need. Yes, we don’t need it, but buy one and you’ll have tons of fun. Some people really go crazy with their elf and others like to keep it simple. I love seeing the crazy stunts other elves do, but it’s always boggled my mind as to why these elves do such mischievous things if the message of the whole Elf on the Shelf is to keep an eye on our kids to have them behave. Confusing message?

I’m a bit in the middle of having our elf, Tony Antonio Ton-Ton do anything crazy, but we’ll see. I’ve seen some fun burglary scenarios happen so I might just follow along in the contradiction! Here are some of our years past fun and some other ideas to help you this Christmas.

The first photo you saw of the elf in a jar was left with a note saying that Ziana could take him to school and anywhere else she went that day, because remember you can’t touch the elf for it’ll lose it’s magic.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest account.

elf on the shelf ideas 2017
This was the Tony’s entrance back to our family– putting on makeup. Now this will only work if your kid is a hard sleeper. Ziana doesn’t wake up for anything so I got lucky!

elf on the shelf 2017

elf on the shelf ideas for babies
The Elf milk! This was so magical for Ziana and it’ll be a hit for your kid too. All is need is green food coloring and put a few drops, however green you want it, into a glass of milk or a whole jug.

elf on shelf ideas
Our Elf and Barbie have gone fishing!

elf on the shelf ideas at home

elf on the shelf ideas blog

christmas traditions
Saving the best for last the magical color show. Get a bag of those tropical skittles, surround the plate and pour hot water. Leave whatever kind of message, but make sure to leave directions.

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