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Dipping In the Lesbian Pool


“Been there, done that, got the T-shirt… I might end up with a woman raising my children. … That’s how androgynous I am,” Zoe Saldana states on dating Hollywood men in the June issue of Allure. It definitely rose some eyebrows including mine when those words came out her mouth. Who would’ve known that Zoe could be bisexual.

It wasn’t a shocker because at this day and age being gay, lesbian, bisexual and so on isn’t unlikely in our society. I must admit I’ve dived into the curiosity pool of perhaps becoming a lesbian during my college years.

Having dealt with little boys during that time I was so far close to the edge that during a train ride home I contemplated the thought. I went as far as picturing myself kissing a girl and doing the nasty– yeah, was so not for me! And this is years after I had even tongued a girl and back then I wasn’t even feeling it, haha.

But it’s what most women think of, how could we not? Guys are assholes PERIOD. They don’t know what they want and if they want something they want it all at once. Guys literally take us to that point sometimes.

We all think that if we switched teams we’d be happier and deal with less stress in our lives. That’s a full-out lie from what I’ve heard. Apparently, you’ll deal with the same crap and more because you’re dealing with another woman and you know how we are! Emotional, high-tempered creatures.

Now Zoe could be completely candid with her statement here or this could be a ploy to build her gay fan base because let’s be real they play a huge role as to who’s hot and who’s a flop.

We’ll just have to wait and see–


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