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I think this a topic people always discuss– dating coworkers. Is it right or wrong? No one cares, I surely never did! Every job I had from 16 to 24 I always was seeing a coworker or manager. I don’t agree at all when people say that it’s a bad idea to date a coworker, of course with the good comes the bad, but it’s a chance you have to take

When you get a job you’re always scoping out the cute guys/girls from your job. When you see none you think okay no biggie I won’t be distracted, but if you see a good-looking guy/girl you know you’re in trouble. You’re in trouble because now you’re thinking of ways to approach them, if you guys are ever going to hook up and so on. Next you’re going to be worried about what you’re going to wear everyday.

Moving forward, once all that’s out the way and your finally hooking up it’s so exhilarating– finding ways to hook up and keeping things on the DL (down low). I never let anyone known unless it was my friend or their friend who knew. I was very good at not letting people know what was going on. Of course everyone doesn’t keep their mouth shut so it eventually gets out or people just think they know what’s going on and gossip at what they think is going on.

Let me run through all the good when dating a coworker– there were two times I dated a manager and it was fun because I would get some special treatment and we would have a private room to mess around in. So boom there are two positives there. If people see you getting special treatment all the time it’s not going to be turn out to be good for you so try not to take advantage.

I for one always enjoyed going to work. The being sneaky part is what’s so fun about it– sneaking in kisses, getting some grabs in and sexual looks is what keeps the day going. You may have hated your job before, but now you’re actually in a good mood to be at work.


As adults in order to live we work, sometimes too much we don’t have time for anything else much less anyone less. Dating someone at work resolves that issue where you being stuck at work won’t be an excuse you use. However, if you’re the type that needs space seeing someone just about 24/7 isn’t a good idea for you.

One important thing you must always consider is how you’ll deal with a break-up if things don’t pan out between the two of you. I’m a good actress so I knew that if things went sour I could easily act like nothing ever happened. I was always good at acting dumb and not knowing what was going on. If your someone who’s going to over-dramatize the situation don’t even bother because you’ll end up miserable at your job if you stay or will have to quit. If it was a bad breakup and he’s in a high position– watch your back, front and sides because if he’s bitter it’s just bad news for you.

What’s also sucky about dating a coworker is being occupied all the time with them being there. At least when you were at work you could concentrate a bit more on work and forget about your personal life. If they work there and you guys are in a qualm then separating the two can affect your work.

Another negative is if you start dating someone outside the office your new beau will always have a fear of what may be happening in the office. Of course if they trust you it’s not an issue, but the thought will always be there.

Back to the gossiping part. People come up with conclusions based in your actions and even though we think we may be acting discrete we usually aren’t. So get ready for people putting in their two cents about why you guys broke up.


I remember when I had broken up with a coworker I thought no one knew besides my two friends at work at least 4 months after we stopped dating, but I was so very wrong. The director always had his suspicions and would joke about it, but the supervisors and other coworkers knew! It was hilarious because I really thought we were good at keeping it hush, hush. Then again going to lunch together alone all the time, getting rides or leaving together didn’t help the suspicions from minimizing, haha.

Overall it’s a fun experience and definitely has its perks, but one must always be careful. If you don’t care for the consequences then go all in and definitely don’t be the one who sleeps with everyone in the office. Make sure you are careful about who or how many people you date in the office.

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