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Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life

Cosmo fun fearless life

If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube you know that this weekend was action packed. While daddy was out at a kid’s birthday party bouncing around in bouncy houses at BounceU I was invited to attend Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life event in NYC. This was Cosmospolitan’s first year of having such a wonderful event. Now, before I get into how inspirational it was let me tell you what exactly what Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life was all about.

They gathered numerous powerful women to sit down and keep it real with women of all ages mostly us in our 20’s. They gave tips on amping your morning beauty routine, managing your money, finding your voice and other things you need to know to live “fun fearless forward” and make the best of your life. The wonderful Joanna Coles who’s the Editor-in-Chief at Cosmo ran the show and did a wonderful job as she shared her story and was boldly honest, which is what we all in need in life. Other guests included; Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Shay Mitchell, Windsor Hanger, Sophia Amoruso, Chrissy Teigen, Matthew Hussey, fellow YouTuber Grace Helbig , my now new favorite person and someone I will forever look up to– Sara Blakely and countless others which would take forever to add. It was an event to not miss and I hope to go every year IF they continue it.

First up was the amazing Sara Blakely who invented the SPANX! We all know what they are whether we wear them or not and know it was such an amazing invention that really anyone could have thought of, but we didn’t because Sara did! I loved her inspirational story and how much of a rut she was in during her 20’s, which many of us are in, including myself. An amazing tip I took away was when she was in her “rut” she wrote down what she was good at on a piece of paper and knew that was something she wanted to be involved in, but didn’t know what exactly it was until months later. With a dream and only $5,000 that she had she went for it– calling manufactures, showing up at businesses and even flying to another state going into businesses! Who does that?! Not many of us because we don’t hustle our tush for it. That’s why Sara was someone who I now look up to and admire– she’s my friend in my head.

Then there was Dr. Meg Jay who I loved to hear talk! She gave real advice on our friendships– how we may love our friends, but our friends don’t open new doors for us to grow. We actually limit ourselves with friends for example using slang with them. I see myself doing this all the time, it’s a bad habit that it’s hard to break sometimes because when it’s time to sit down with an owner or manager whomever you may have slip-ups of slang and don’t even realize it. Dr. Meg Jay didn’t say to get rid of your friends, but to get out there. Then she went on about how ‘weak ties matter’ and that’s someone who you barely know, but making them into a stronger relationship. We’re afraid to own our own ambition and desires when we should really be up front of what we want and need from another person, goal or job. Why not go up to someone you barely know or someone who may not like and ask them to do you a favor. When we do favors for someone else we feel good about ourselves and that ultimately changes their perspective on you– they may even start liking you or want to be friends with you. Have the courage to say what you want from yourself and others.

Many of us are living life and aren’t satisfied in our lives. We have dreams and passion for it, but we stop ourselves from achieving it. We all know what we’re good at (interacting with people, taking good selfies, taking care of young kids, writing) and instead of trying to figure out what path that may lead to you stay at the same boring job you’re somewhat content at because you’re so afraid of your dream not becoming a reality. We stop ourselves everyday and I’m 100% guilty of it. You and I need to stop this bad habit and make our dreams known– LET IT BE HEARD! Tell the world and don’t ever be afraid to work your hardest to obtain it. Dr. Meg Jay left with, “Will you be happy where you are now in two years?” BOOM– that hit me.

Ladies, ladies, ladies this weekend was eye-opening for myself and many of the other ladies I spoke to through the day and let me tell you it was something you won’t want to miss again. Speaker after speaker had such valuable knowledge that we all know, but when you hear it from some else, it becomes different. A two-day event from empowerment, building your brand, manthropology, fitness, beauty and much more you’ll end up leaving with things to think about and wanting to becoming something of yourself.

Now you know I take amazing photos, but unfortunately I couldn’t bring my camera in so these photos are from my iPhone just so you can see a bit of the fun..

Joanna Coles Joanna Coles

cosmopolitan event

Grace Helbig Grace Helbig

Shay Mitchell

Also, don’t forget to check out my whole day at the event:

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    Nov 10, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    I wish I had known you were there! What row where you in? I was in Row K and it was super hard to get good pictures because of the lighting and I did bring my ‘real’ camera. I found it was geared to a very young demographic, but it was definitely very interesting to listen to the few speakers that I hadn’t already met or heard before, I haven’t posted my recap yet, you are FAST girl!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    • Reply
      Nov 11, 2014 at 2:56 pm

      Yeah!! I had posted everywhere on social media that I was going lol… I was in row L-L1 to be exact haha. I was told no cameras otherwise I would’ve bought mine! Oh well– I see what you mean about geared towards younger women, but I did learn a lot and depending at what stage people are at in life it really could be anyone. Yes, I am fast! I was up until 1am haha!

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