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Christmas Tree Hunting Tips

hunting christmas tree ideas

I’ve never gone Christmas tree hunting. My family had the same fake tree for years– simple and easy to set up. My boyfriend aka boy-toy is obsessed with traditions, so the simple and easy way is going to be a long-lost memory.

We had to get a real tree and if it wasn’t for the farms being so far from us we would’ve cut our own down. So we opted to just pick out our perfect Christmas tree that’s already been cut down. I learned a few things you need to know when hunting for your Christmas tree. And for reference we go to Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm out in Long Island.

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1- Figure out where you’re going to put the Christmas tree and take measurements so you know what size tree you can get.

2- Call a few places to find out pricing so you’re not surprised when you get there that the tree you want cost $120! (Shown in video lol)

3- Get an appropriate car to put your tree on top. Although just about any car can fit a tree, the little cars will have difficulty seeing with branches all in their way.

4- Secure your tree tightly on top of your car and don’t drive too fast

5- Secure the tree at your home with a fishing line which is what we do

6- Make sure to ask how to care for the tree; such as over watering, how often to water and what else you need to do

And you’ll see from the video I still don’t know what the heck to look for when picking out a tree, haha. I guess if they smell good and are your perfect size she’s a winner!!!

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