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Carnival Night For Kids- Coalition For The Homeless

carnival nights at victorian gardens

Carnival Night For Kids
If you’ve glimpsed into our daily lives on Youtube you know that we’re huge advocates in helping others, especially those in need. Our belief is that, ‘if you can help someone in need, help’– it could be anything from a blanket, buying a meal for them or even a hello, anything that can lift their spirits, if just for a moment. Many of you many also know that I was a case manager in the foster care system and working with kids whose homes have been turned upside down was always something that weighed heavy on me. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for helping kids in any way possible and I’m so happy to be collaborating as a social media partner, with a program whose mission is to advocate and organize services to help homeless men, women and children.

Coalition For The Homeless provides direct service programs; emergency food and clothing, eviction prevention, crisis services, permanent housing, job training and youth programs. They’ll be teaming up with Camp Homeward Bound to send children there for the summer. They plan on achieving this next week (June 15th) during Carnival Night– a magical summer evening of rides, games, prizes, a Ga-Ga pit, delicious food and so much more! All proceeds benefit Camp Homeward Bound, the nation’s first summer sleep-away camp designed specifically for homeless children, and the Bound for Success after-school program and summer day camp. I remember going to summer camp every year and now know how fortunate I was to attend and how many kids can’t do the same and probably never will. Kids go through a lot, especially those who aren’t capable of enjoying the simple things in life, such as attending camp–therefore, getting them to escape their everyday struggles is a nice break even if just for that small amount of time. Wouldn’t you say?

Join my family and even those children you’ll be helping, on June 15th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm for Carnival Night for Kids, a magical summer evening in Central Park’s Victorian Gardens packed with entertainment and fun for the whole family. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!

carnival night at victorian gardens

carnival nights  NYC

homeless children

coalition for the homeless

victorian gardens

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