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Bladder Leakage with Impressa

bladder leakage poise

As a kid I always heard the old folks talk about how they just peed on themselves and even till this day I hear it– you know them and those old fart like jokes. I just always laugh and figure it’ll be an issue I have to deal with when I got “old.” Well, apparently being old wasn’t one of of the reasons for bladder leakage. Bladder leakage can happen to anyone– I’ll give you a second to read that again. When I heard that it could occur due to muscle spasms, multiple pregnancies, being overweight, and genetic weaknesses– I knew that my experience– I’ll give you a second to read that too, my experience wasn’t due to an abnormality.

We as mothers know that things never go back to normal, but this was not something I would’ve ever had expected. The first time I had leakage was soon after my second birth with Gunner Patrick and when I sneezed. Achoo? Yeah that! Talk about not wanting to ever laugh again! It even happened while I was getting the crap scared out of me during our haunted Halloween adventures It wasn’t a river flow or anything close to it, but still something that took me back and the awful thing about it is that it could lead to a really heavy leakage. Imagine having to worry about all that during the holidays– when you should be gleeful. Thankfully, there is something that can stop it– not permanently, but can help you during your daily activities and trust me you’re going to want to have this handy with the holidays already here.

Time for that secret– Impressa. Impressa Bladder Supports are inserted into the vagina like a tampon to gently lift and give support to the urethra. This added support to the urethra helps prevent urine from leaking. What’s even better is that Impressa comes in three different sizes to adapt to our internal shape. It looks like a tampon so it’s comfortable like a tampon (if you’ve used one before). Now it doesn’t absorb the leakage, it will instead block leakage and it could potentially decrease or even stop leakage– it may or not work for you. Remember we’re all different so we all won’t get the same results.

Try it. See what happens so you can get back into the holiday spirit of it all without the worry thoughts of when’s the leakage going to happen. I’m not embarrassed by it, but figured this is an issue many woman have so why not share my funny story so you can share your funny story. Take your power back and do the things you love without fear!

Purchase Impressa at your local Walmart or online.

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