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Being in a Relationship 24/7

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The other day I was watching my favorite daytime show on planet earth, The Real and they bought up a very interesting subject regarding being with your partner day in and day out 24/7 versus not seeing them every minute of the day. They bought up the topic of going on a honeymoon alone with your partner or with a group of friends and it got heated! Many of the woman said they’d rather have a group of friends go on a trip with instead of it just being them and their partner alone.

I’ve been in my relationship going on 5-years and I must say I really do enjoy being around him all the time. We live together, wake up together, go to bed together, eat together– jeez just typing all that up made me exhausted. We deal with each other EVERY DAY. There’s two sides to the coin– I always stated to him that I was completely happy it just being us, including my daughter. We have fun together and we get each other why mess up the formula? I don’t go out much with friends because I never had the itch to feel “free” I have a lot more fun when I’m with him where I can have fun and know nothing will happen to me because he’s there with me as my protector. Now on the other side many think I need time to myself, including him. He literally is always pushing me out the door to go out alone or with friends and I always decline. I don’t know what it is and the only thing I can think of is that my parents always did things together so it became a norm for me.

I do admit that from time to time I can’t stand to look at his face and wish I had my own place where I wouldn’t have to see him everyday– and trust me he feels the same way! I do think always being on top of each other is not healthy either– you lose the desire and lust in one another when you have to deal with them 24/7. Why be in a relationship then? Because relationships are nice, you love your partner, but nothing makes the heart grow fonder when you don’t have the accessibility to one another constantly. I get that, but unfortunately I’m not a movie star and he’s not a music producer to get to fly around all the time to get the separation, so we have to deal with one another and just work on having time apart.

Now the topic at hand at The Real was to go on a honeymoon together alone or with friends. After all that mess I just discussed I can now comfortably say I’d love to go with friends– on my honeymoon yes! Something to factor in is that if you’re not into that it’s absolutely fine, it may be that you two have never been on a vacation alone, much like us. We jumped into a family so quickly we didn’t have “us” time so I think that our first vacation be just us especially something as a honeymoon.

Aside from it just being you and your partner on your honeymoon, time apart from one another is crucial in continuing a healthy and loving relationship. My issue is just having to accept that and know that our world will still be aligned if we take a needed break here and there.

What are your thoughts on sharing your honeymoon with friends?

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