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I can give you a whole 10 page post on how I started to blog and some tips on what I’ve done to succeed a bit, but then there would be no use in the video I did that discusses all that. As promised in the video I was going to leave a list of the networks listed in the video I discussed and anything else I forgot to mention. Hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

A really important matter I forgot to mention because it’s kind of obvious, but do not take on every offer that comes your way if it doesn’t fit in with who you are or what you believe in– yes, even if the money is good. There have been times where I take on a product, but after reviewing it I ended up thinking it was crap and had to tell the company I could offer my opinion, but it wouldn’t be something they’d like. I didn’t get paid and nothing was published. Or for instance don’t work with all these lightbulb companies saying they’re all the best– you can explain you like to try and test all these lightbulbs out, but be honest. Always be honest. If a company is paying you to review their product you have to let them know if you don’t like it. If you paid for something out of pocket– be brutally honest, to a certain extent– constructive criticism. If you go all out and send the company to hell remember they– or maybe another company, might not ever want to work with you after you sent them to damnation.

Being a blogger is a business!

Networks for a blogger

1- We All Grow Latina
2- Tap Influence
4- Everywhere Agency
5- Shop Style Collective
6- Dime Media
7- SoFab/Collective Bias
8- Acorn Influence
9- Brand Backer
10- Weave Made Media

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