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Baby showers are one of the fun things that happen during pregnancy. You either get to plan your party or have it given to you as a surprise. I had a surprise baby shower and there were a couple incompetent people who didn’t understand the meaning of “SURPRISE.” I knew when my baby shower was and was very upset to say the least, more like pissed off. Regardless, it’s a fun time for you and your beau to chill with family and friends while opening up gifts! I was given two baby-showers too other being from my boyfriends family in Pennsylvania, so double the fun and gifts.

Being a new mom I didn’t know what I needed. I enlisted the help of my lovely sister-in-law Belinda with three kids of her own she’s a pro. Both me and boyfriend went with her to Babies R Us and picked everything out with no help from my boyfriend, haha. The only thing he picked out was the jumparoo. One thing Belinda said was to put whatever I wanted on the registry even if I didn’t really need it and even if they were similar to one another because I could than return it and have extra cash to buy things I need along the way. Trust me it comes in handy! I haven’t bought diapers out of my pocket yet and Ziana is 4 months. Babies R Us was convenient to shop at, but when it came to someone buying an item it sometimes didn’t register and because of that I got a few duplicates of presents. Which isn’t too bad because remember you can return and get the money back on a card.

One of the most important things I put on my registry and you should too is diapers and wipes, yet no one ever purchases them. I got a couple small packages of diapers and wipes which was by far one of the best gifts. Bottles are super important as is the drying rack. It’s really not necessary to put clothing and bibs on there either since people will always end up getting you them. What people will do to is not put into account that the baby is due in say 3 more months and will get you clothing for the wrong season of when the baby is actually born. Thankfully I had hand me downs for my nieces so I didn’t have to go buying much either.

Here is MY REGISTRY to help as a guide. If that doesn’t show up my registry number is 47902108.

Here are things you don’t need ( ) I stumbled upon this on Stumbleupon. There’s only two things I disagree with (#2 and #3). Sorry for some reason the link button would not let me hyperlink it. Copy and paste will work just fine 🙂

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