Babies Testing Parents During Sleep

I honestly believe babies and children wake up crying in the middle of the night, not because they had a nightmare or their bothered for some reason, but because one, they don’t value sleep and two, they truly want to test how much we love them.

Will we get up and soothe them?

Will we be patient with them during a 3AM wake-up call?

Are we even going to get up?

Or will we knock them upside their head?

Hey, thoughts cross the mind!

It’s a true testament of how much a parent loves their child. And they want to know it! So what better way then waking mommy and daddy up soon after they just dozed into a deep sleep?

This is exactly what had gone on with Ziana for three weeks. Every single-freaking-night this monster darling child would decide to cry and cry and cry until one of us woke up and gave into her demands. And unlike any other parent who can get their child to sleep with them Ziana isn’t like that. She wants her milk, wants to jump up and down and wake up all the neighbors.

20130917-002346.jpg Don’t let this photo trick you!

Truly blessed -_-

And when I finally decide to attend to her needs I don’t whether to cry, get mad or laugh– I ended up doing all three and usually laugh more.

It also doesn’t matter if she’s up at 3AM until 5:30AM you better believe she will be up at her regular time which is 7:30AM.

Why? Are her eyes not in pain like mine are!? I can’t even function correctly, without tripping on myself or dropping her pancakes on the floor.

Why don’t they value the most amazing part of life called sleep? Or nap? Babies don’t even know what ‘sleeping-in’ feels like. Boy, are they missing out!

And an even better question, why can’t us adults learn to wake up with a smile or dance to the tune of life or jump up and down with such excitement like they do?

What could the secret possibly be?

Ah, yes, who wouldn’t want to play all day and have someone wait on them hand and foot? Right?

Too many questions with no answers to ever be given–


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  • Reply
    Addie Lion (@baddielayney)
    Sep 17, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    lol, this is cute. I value my sleep so much, I wonder if I’ll knock my baby upside it’s head when they cry to wake me up lol. jk!!
    I really can’t wait. 🙂 I won’t be working, so I’m sure I won’t care lol. (maybe a little)

    • Reply
      Sep 18, 2013 at 5:02 pm

      I don’t work either, so trust me when I say you’ll care! lol

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