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Amanda Bynes: A Nut or Sane?

She was known to be one of Americas sweetheart.

Her career started on Nickelodeon.

If you’re in your twenties you grew up watching her show.

Anyone get it? It’s none other then the girl we use to adore– Amanda Bynes.


Now we all know her as a nutcase that no one can figure out. Is she on drugs? Did she fall and bump her head? Or is this really who she always was and the real Amanda Bynes is “standing up?”

Within the last two years Amanda has had trouble with the law:
•driving under the influence
•two hit and run accidents
•license was suspended
•caught driving with suspended license
•sentenced to probation
•arrested for reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana.
•accused a police driver of sexual harassment (thrown out)
•evicted from her apartment

Amanda has also changes her appearance– she’s shaven her head and put piercings on her dimples to look like a stripper who’s famous for nothing, but dating a rapper and having the fakest butt in the industry. Why does she want to look like someone on that level? Who knows.


And as for Amanda’s antics on Twitter– well they go from bizarre to strange to huh? It’s obvious she’s a girl who is craving for attention.


Seriously, who admits to having an eating disorder unless you’re trying to help people? And who admits to having all these plastic surgeries and being addicted– EVERYDAY? I love that she’s a celebrity who admits to plastic surgery, but why do we need to hearread about it EVERYDAY?


Amanda has also been calling celebrities “ugly” then deleting them afterwards.



Here’s the list of people whose been on her sh*t list:
•Miley Cyrus
•Courtney Love
•Lance Bass
•Zac Efron
•Jason Biggs
•Jenny McCartney
•Drake (who she once wanted to “murder her vagina.”)
•Perez Hilton (who I don’t mind because I can’t stand him anyways)
And most recently, President Obama and Michelle Obama.

20130709-215214.jpg That’s a bit much! I’m not to fond of them either, but wouldn’t say that! She has big and huge “cajones!” Haha.

Amanda Bynes made news today too when she appeared in court with a blue wig!


Do we need to pray for this girl?

Being in the public eye is something only few can handle and many others get lost along the way. Amanda may be one of those fallen stars who lost her way.

Amanda had a mental evaluation done in the end of May and I’m dying to know the results!

Could it be that we’re all the insane ones and she’s perfectly “normal?”


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