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Expiration Dates On Friendships

Expiration Dates on Friendships

There’s an expiration on all things in life– our insurance policies, food, graduation, relationships and friends, right? Or is that going a bit too far? Don’t certain relationships were currently in have a date of expiration? We can’t completely be oblivious that there’s an end to a certain friend.

When we get into these relationships we don’t want to think about us not being close friends anymore, but things happen in those relationships that can cause the ending of an “era.” In some of my friendships we’ve had our separation (like a marriage) and sometimes we’ve rekindled our friendship again, but that’s rare sometimes. Just like when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend sometimes a break is necessary or sometimes the expiration of your relationship has finally arrived and it’s time to call it quits.

If a friend isn’t on the same level as you spiritually, physically, mentality wise then why continue a friendship just because you’ve known them for a long time? I had a friend that was a great girl, but when it came to her morals in relationships (cheating) they were way different from mine. I didn’t like being around that so I called it quits. Birds of a feather flock together and I was nothing like her when it came to cheating on your significant other. I didn’t and won’t be associated with that, why be in a toxic relationship like that?

About a year later we rekindled our friendship and that’s only because she had finally matured. That break was necessary and worked for us.

Another situation where a friendship could come to an end is like the friendship or ex-friendship of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. According, to the gossip world, Taylor is just fed up with Selena going back to Justin Bieber knowing that he’s toxic for her. I can completely understand where Taylor is coming from. You get tired of your friend crying and complaining about this guy who is no good for her, but she keeps going back to him. It doesn’t only bring your friend down, but it’s drowning you in to conflict you never wanted to be a part of. Friendship expired– for now.

Here’s another situation I’ve gone through– there are three girls now who back then were my go to chicks. We went to school together, vacations together, sleep overs and parties; connected at the hip one may say. High-school and college years are the years some of us are still immature and dumb– like me. Childish things occurred and we all stopped talking. Of course it was hurtful and sad, but eventually you deal with the loss of a friendship.

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I never in a million years would think after 5-10 years I’d be friends with these girls again. You would think it’d be awkward and what could you possibly have in common now, but it was far from awkward. We basically picked up where we left off. It was sad to hear that two of the three girls were married and I wasn’t part of that day we all dreamed of as little girls, but things happen for a reason. I’m just happy to have those friendships back and that long separation from one another was necessary.

Now this is a great example of a friendship being way past the expiration date. I had one friend who was a great girl, meant well, but was negative 100% about men and would be negative about my relationship even when nothing would ever happen. If he didn’t call, if he already had a kid, not to live with a guy, don’t have any kids– SERIOUSLY!? Definitely didn’t want that kind of energy around me and unfortunately stopped speaking to her. The friendship was well over the expiration date and I had no feelings towards the ending of that “era.”

There’s nothing wrong with friendships ending and one shouldn’t feel bad about it. Some people are just meant to be in your life for a certain period of time. There’s always a lesson learned and you have to just keep it moving. Who knows, maybe after a brief separation from one another your friendship could come back better and stronger than ever 🙂

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