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Daddy Takes Over Child’s Hairstyle

Johnsons Baby daddy

I must admit it’s always nice when I have a little help around bath time, especially when it comes to taking care of my daughter’s hairstyling needs! It’s no secret to our subscribers on YouTube that I have no talent when it comes to doing Ziana’s hair– very sad. So sad, yet so funny to my boyfriend who swears he’s got better skills then me! This isn’t the first time he’s tried to one up me either; circa May 2014

daddy does daughters hair7762_6191929203436078994_n

With the magic of Johnson’s Baby Products; Shampoo, Leave-in conditioner and detangling spray you may be able to be the hairstyling guru my boyfriend became!!

"MY HAIR!!!"

“MY HAIR!!!”

beautiful girl

Leave in conditioner

styling  kids hair

braiding hair

"My dada's better than yours!"

“My dada’s better than yours!”

adorable father and daughter


spanish girl

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