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3 Month Post-Partum Baby Update

3 months post partum

**If you rather see and hear me talk about what’s below check out my video on my Youtube channel.

Can you believe its been three-months since Gunner has been born? It seems just like yesterday I was pregnant and delivering him in front of all of Youtube to watch. The first two months were brutal because with a newborn every day is filled with hourly surprises of midnight feedings or diaper changes. I remember wanting to cut my ears off and just die! When I had Ziana it wasn’t too bad since I was able to sleep in and sleep throughout the day, life was good. This time around I had a newborn and an active 3-year-old who doesn’t even know what a nap is anymore.

I don’t know about many other parents, but for me I had forgotten everything I did and learned with my first kid and having a newborn three-years later was like starting all over again from how to bathe the baby, how often, when should I feed, when do they start eating food and so on. My right-hand buddy during my pregnancy and who continues to be there for me is Baby Center so that helped me a lot in getting my memory back.

Like I said the first two-months are brutal since they don’t sleep and wake up crying every two hours or so. At about a month and a half- two months I started giving Gunner a tablespoon of oatmeal just to fill his stomach up more, because one of the reasons newborns are always waking up is because they’re constantly hungry. It worked like a charm! He slept the first night for about 7 hours straight and sleep never felt so good. It’s recommended to not feed newborns any solids, but come on our parents didn’t follow all these new rules and we came out just fine.

I continue to breastfeed and formula feed, but mostly breastfeed since I’m home most of the time and they say that’s best! Whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night I grab him, put him in bed with us and breastfeed while we sleep. It’s super convenient and definitely lets you rest a bit more. I’ve given him 6 ounces of Enfamil formula since he’s been about a month old and continue to do so. I know 6 ounces at three-months may seem like a lot, but for him it seems to be great– he’s happy after feeding, gaining weight and there’s constant wet diapers.

The next subject I spoke about in the video was about getting them in routine with having them become aware of a bedtime routine. I spoke about this three-months-back, Ziana has a bedtime routine and it’s a bit easier for an older child to become accustomed to, but how do you get a baby use to it? Practice. Gunner’s last bottle is from 8-9PM, I put him down on his stomach and he sleeps for the next 7-8 hours or when he decides to wake up and eat.

A lot more is talked about in my video from pacifiers, tummy time, sleeping on his stomach, big sister talk and my feelings on more babies, definitely check it out and leave your comments below or on the video about what other topics you want me to touch on!

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