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Johnson’s Baby Tonight We Sleep

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I have a new bundle of joy, lucky me! A new snuggly baby to cuddle up with, suffocate with kisses and oh yeah, lose hours of sleep with. Becoming a parent of a newborn again is hard, you were use to a schedule where your toddler slept 8-10 hours a day and sometimes napped, and now to have to go back to sleeping in three-hour increments is hard to adjust to. Johnson’s Baby knows the need for sleep and luckily for all us mommy’s and daddy’s they are making it a mission to remind parents that sleep is important. They’re launching a new global campaign called Tonight We Sleep, which will focus on a making sure our babies have a sleep routine.

Johnson’s Baby is having a ‘Tonight We Sleep’ challenge, challenging parents to follow their 3-step Bedtime Routine, which has been clinically proven to help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer within just one week. We know are little ones need to sleep for up to 10 hours a day and we also know that a schedule is crucial for their well-being, but we also know that things can get hectic and we forget. I never made a physical schedule because us mommy’s have this schedule already in our heads, but sometimes– out of sight, out of mind. Make that schedule and introduce it your child.

The first step in the 3-step Bedtime Routine is to give them a bath! Let them indulge in Johnson’s Baby bubbles in lavender, you can’t go wrong with bubbles and lavender. As you introduce the sleep routine, this first step will eventually catch on that bath time means it’s time to start unwinding.

The second step is to give them a massage. Massages are great, even as adults we love them and feel great after one because we are more relaxed. They calm the body and mind which benefits your overall spirit and outlook on the world. So imagine after your little one gets a massage.

The third and last step is to have quiet time, I know I barely know what that is anymore! During this time turn off the television, silent your phones and dim the lights– create calming atmosphere which won’t excite your child to stay awake. Instead read them a book, this last step will also become familiar to them knowing that bedtime is next.

Now since we have so much on much on our plate already Johnson’s Baby is helping parents with their an app called, ‘Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App.’ In that app you’ll have access to Johnson’s sleep experts to answer sleep-related questions, videos about the 3-Step Bedtime Routine and a link to a “mommy forum” for advice and discussion with other parents. One of my favorite features is the ‘Lullabies,’ which includes unique sounds used to help baby fall asleep, such as, the ocean, forest animals and even mom’s heartbeat and sounds from the womb. Reminiscent of the good old days!

I’ve been on top of the routine and have found that it has worked. Ziana has become aware of the routine herself and will even tell me that it’s time for her “massage” during bath time. It’s also become routine for her to grab a book on her own to read with either me or daddy. Before I would be all over the place with her bed time and it would take her an hour to two hours to sleep, even after she had been up since 8am. Setting a routine with times has definitely helped her sleep without prolonging it and has helped my relationship with my partner in knowing when our alone time will be.

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