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You Know You’re A Parent Of A Toddler When..


Life as a parent of a toddler is hard, exhausting, but usually always funny when you look back on it–

1. You dream of their favorite show like Sesame Street and secretly– or not secretly become obsessed.

2. You stay up watching Sesame Street or Fresh Beat Band way after they’ve been sleeping.

3. You start crying inconsolably like little one because you both don’t know what you want, haha.

4. You find yourself talking to adults in cutesy voice using cutesy phrases.

5. The kid isn’t the only one you have to console– hubby has a hard time with tantrums!

6. You don’t even remember what a purse is.

7. The word “no” rolls off your tongue so effortlessly.

8. You find toys everywhere you never would’ve even thought of– in cabinets, trash, shoes, in the shower.

9. Eating for you is a long lost memory, like a luxury because you always forget to eat!

10. When you get excited for the nastiest things like pooping.

11. Working hard at cleaning up the house just to have it look like a tornado hit it moments later.

12. Taking a break for you is using the toilet or taking a shower just to have it be interrupted by them knocking on the door calling your name.

13. When you have to hide in order to eat something you don’t want to share!

14. Narrating your every move as if you’re a story teller just so they’ll learn what’s what

15. Your hand, shirt, pants have become Kleenex’s when there’s no tissue in sight.

16. Sprinting room to room so they won’t catch up to you and want to stay in the room.

17. Your kid eats dog food!

18. The backseat of your car is filled with toys and blankets.

19. Your house phone is never charged because they’re always on it and hide it.

20. When invited to someone’s house you have to blueprint their house and see how dangerous it is for your kid.

Haha, hope you guys enjoyed! Do you have any to add?

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