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Worst Airline Experience Ever

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About 6 months-ago we started planning our trip to California to attend VidCon, then we started looking at flights. Something that we like to do is check flight prices every week or so and determine if they’re going up or down. We’ve done our own research on practicing what days and how long in advance we should book– it appears that Tuesdays and/or 3 months in advance are best.

When we look for flights we always want to book with JetBlue— we’ve had years of experience with them and compared to other airlines, JetBlue just has got it going on. Besides being upset that they no longer have the one free 1 bag policy for all members, they remain to be the best. For higher tiered ‘True Blue’ members (like us), free bags are available.

I’ve never had a bad customer service experience with them from those on the phone to those at the service desk and those at boarding. Always going above and beyond to please their customers– at least from our experience. Now, lets talk about the comfort of their seats. Sure, if you’re first class you’ve got the best seat, but for those that are flying economy many of us have to deal with no wiggle room to stretch our legs. However, JetBlue has no time for that nonsense! They have their first class seating, their ‘Even More Room’ seats (for an extra charge), and then their economy seating which still has plenty of room to sit and remain comfortably; rated #1 over all airlines. On other airlines they may not care about the economy passengers as much and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Whenever we travel we make sure there’s things for us to do– adults AND children included– while on a 3-6 hour flight; books, magazine, music, laptop, games and so on. For me I love to be on my laptop and work. I also being able to check my social media since they have FREE wifi! When traveling with a kid it could get difficult so our flight to California that didn’t happen. Thankfully, Ziana had plenty to do. She took advantage of watching some FREE kid-friendly shows, including the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film for free.

There was a good selection of food– chicken sandwiches, steak sandwiches, salad and a few more. This flight didn’t have anything I was interested in, but the kids loved the menu. There’s complimentary cold beverages and snacks and they were amazing with giving me an extra bag or two with the kids. Food makes kids happy!

Other from a crying kid (which you can watch here) it was a pleasant experience. Now, as for our flight back home to New York, not so pleasant. We, of course, would’ve flown JetBlue airline back, but the times they had wasn’t working for us. Instead we went with another airline which you can possibly see who it was- here.

There was absolutely no room for my legs or even for Gunner to walk around much like he did with JetBlue. The food selection was slim to none– the choices were terrible and didn’t even have anything I could give Gunner besides the peanut butter/jelly sandwich. Thankfully, Gunner fell asleep on the flight back home for two hours and I got to work– or so I thought. No free wifi! That’s when I knew the flight was getting worse.

The personality of the staff seemed like we the guest were a burden to them. They weren’t engaging– they see a sleeping baby and still spoke in their normal voices to us. I was sitting next to the window and since I couldn’t get up to go anywhere since Gunner fell asleep with daddy, I had pressed the service button to see if they cold empty out my cup of water and I apparently was a nuisance that she was oblivious as to why I was asking her to do it.

To make matters worse after all that I figured I’d sit back and watch a movie like Beauty and the Beast… guess what? It wasn’t FREE! The choices were terrible. There wasn’t a huge selection for her like on JetBlue to watch and no cartoon-friendly shows.

Really mind blowing that not all airlines take their customers (first-class or economy) with the same kind of respect as Jet Blue. You would think this was a sponsored post, but I just never experienced such a terrible experience with my family. I think next time when we book I don’t care if it’s a 1am flight with JetBlue, I’m taking it!

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    Jul 22, 2017 at 8:28 am

    I flew Virgin while on the West Coast. We didn’t have any issues; however, even though I love Jetblue, I have had some serious delays with them. Hours. There were times when I didn’t reach my destination until 3 am. But, their staff is top notch. They are extremely accommodating. This year they decorated the seat for my daughter’s birthday, got her a card and cupcakes.

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      Jul 24, 2017 at 10:45 pm

      Wow really!?! SO far no issues with them. That is absolutely so adorable! I feel they really care. Never heard of any airline doing that…

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