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Work With Your Closet

Boots! Boots! Boots!

The Fall essential every year are boots; ankle boots, combat boots, booties, hooker boots and my all time fave, over the knee!

Now remember how last week I stated that bring your Summer clothing into Winter was very in? Well I did just that adding over the knee boots which made my outfit very fall like.

I took my Summer romper (that I’ve had for years) wore it with my House of Holland pantyhose, belted with a cheetah belt (Forever 21) wore a cardigan, topped with a statement necklace (Forever 21), and my over the knee boots by my favorite brand Carlos By Carlos.

If it gets too hot for you simply take the cardigan off and you’re still good to go.

You can also pair those lovely Carlos by Carlos boots with jeans (Forever 21), tank (Forever 21) from my Summer collection, along with a blazer (LoveCulture).

Have you noticed I love Forever 21? Haha.

Go check out your closet and see what you can mix and match from all your season clothing. Good luck!


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