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Wonder Woman Style

Who was super excited for the release of the new Wonder Woman film then, well, women? Now, don’t get me wrong I know many men were excited too, but this was our film! Finally a ballsy chick who took down the bad guys and fought for a better tomorrow. Some of us know that Wonder Woman has been around for years and we know the history of who she was, but the younger generations may not have a clue and the film just solidifies to them that girls can be bad ass and be just as strong as a dude. Plus, this superhero film made its way to a $100.5 million debut this weekend and became the biggest blockbuster ever directed by a woman!!!

Where to buy your Wonder Woman tee

So with the whole craze of our beloved Wonder Woman– we kind of want to represent somehow. A few might want to wear her super cute costume and actually do it, but the other half might want to take it on the conservative side and wear a tee. I found this WW shirt while window shopping at Kohl’s and forgot how great Kohl’s was. They had tons of graphic shirts that I bought– which you’ll see on later posts– but wanted to share my find and other Wonder Woman shirts you might want to grab!

wonder woman tees

cute wonder woman clothes

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