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Why A Farmers Market?

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If you watch my daily YouTube channel on thatsBetsyV you joined us on our first adventure to the Farmer’s Market. It was exciting because I’ve always heard things about it, but didn’t really know the pro’s to a farmer’s market– that was until I googled it of course!

-Fruits and vegetables produced locally are fresher and taste better than produce which has been shipped for a long period of time unlike when you buy them at a supermarket where they may have been traveling for 7 to 14 days. By then, you’ll reap the benefits of the exceptional flavors and nutrients of the produce.

– By supporting your local farmer’s markets- you ensure that there will be farms in your community in the future and that for generations to come there will be abundant and nourishing food.

– When farmers sell directly to the consumer, the middleman is cut out thus producing a higher profit for the farmer. The farmer then circulates his profits throughout the community with local merchants creating a cycle that helps to build a strong local economy.

– Buying from the local farmer helps safeguard your health. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown enables you to choose safe food.

For more benefits check out the Famers Market Authority website here.

I for one do not eat vegetables. I strictly make them for my daughter and I say just my daughter because even when it was just me and my boyfriend they weren’t part of our dinners. I started vegetables early in my daughters life as a baby and even know when she helps me prepare dinner she’s eating them raw along the way. It’s a fun way to help your child get involved in picking out the veggies they want to try prepare and cook with you.

My boyfriend and I came up with somewhat of a game– what could we really get with $25 and how much of a difference was there in price between the Farmers Market and our local supermarket.

Below you’ll see the difference in prices and if you watch the video you’ll also see the difference in quantity!


The first vendor we went to was R&G Produce Growers located in Goshen, NY.

R&G Produce Growers: —- Local Supermarket
$1.25/ bundle —- $1.19/ bundle
With $.06 less you could go to the market and get cilantro, but you won’t get as much as we did at the farmers market. TO use up all the cilnatri we got I’ll definitely be spicing up my dinner dishes with cilantro.

-Egg Plant
$2.00/lb. — $1.69/lb.
Few cents less at the market. Here my boyfriend will be trying out eggplant Parmesan!

-Fresh Sweet Corn
$2.00 for 5 — $2.00 for 5
Priced the same, but only difference is that the corn at the farmers market seems to be BIGGER and bigger is better!

$2.00 a bundle — $.99/lb.
The carrots were HUGE at the farmers market. more for your buck and that’s always a plus! Saute them, bake them, put them in soup, or feed them to a rabbit! Unless possibilities.

-Red Skin Potatoes
$1.25/lb. — $0.99/lb
Not a difference here in size just in price

If I got a pound of everything separately from R&G and the Supermarket, here’s the difference-
R&G- $8.50
Supermarket- $6.86

Lastly, we went to an organic vendor at Garden Of Eve.

Garden Of EveLocal Supermarket
-Spaghetti Squash
$2.00 each — $1.49/lb.

-Yellow Zucchini
$2.00/lb — $1.79/lb.
Bit more pricier for sure

-String Beans
$1.25/lb — $1.99/lb
Less at the farmers market

-Baby Sweet Pepper
$0.99/lb — $1.25/lb
We barely paid $0.25 since we wanted to use all of our $$25.00 so we purchased only one pepper

$5.45 a dozen — $3.50 a dozen
There was a huge difference in pricing here. Only difference was the farmers market sells free range eggs.

If I got a pound of everything separately from Garden of Eve and the Supermarket, here’s the difference-
Garden of Eve- $10.44
Supermarket- $10.02

There’s a $.42 difference and you’ll get fresher food at the farmers market.

If you’re trying to save money then MAYBE some items are a bit more expensive at the Farmers market, but after reading all the benefits is it really that bad?

r&g produce growers


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    Alyssa Marie Perez
    Sep 10, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Haha I will look and see when the farmers market is open in my area and I will accept your challenge. $25 budget! ????

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      Sep 10, 2014 at 3:42 pm

      hahah yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see this!! 🙂 $25 buckasrooooos

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