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Where to Stay in California

**Our hotel stay was given at a media rate for a review. No compensation was given*

Where to Stay in California
hotel indigo

Last week we went to California for 7 whole days and I was super excited. It was my second time visiting and both times were for business. This time around was for VidCon and you can read all about that on that blog post. With any vacation, if you don’t have somewhere to stay you look at and AirBnB or hotel. We wanted something that was close to The Anaheim Convention Center and one that caught our attention was The Indigo Hotel in Anaheim.

Favorite parts of the hotel

I had never heard of that hotel and was interested in trying something new from our regular locations. When looking for a place to look for the most important thing is having FREE wifi access because I have to edit and upload videos– there’s was fast and free!

Next is, breakfast included. Unfortunately breakfast was not included and we had to get vouchers for it, but with the price of the hotel compared to others it evened out. The breakfast was not at all your standard breakfast– they were different and hearty. So much on my plate I was able to share with the baby. They were extremely thoughtful in giving extra fruit or raisins for the kids, having to-go containers, free refills and so much more. We also had dinner there twice and that was a first! We always go out and never have dinner at hotels because one– they don’t offer it or two– reviews aren’t always top-notch. The reviews here were incredible and the food was divine. Just note, that you don’t have to be a guest to eat there!

As a blogger I’m stuck on taking beautiful photos so I look at decor, lighting, atmosphere of a place and the look of The Indigo Hotel was gorgeous– very colorful and tasteful. At first I was concerned with their decor of walnuts on certain walls, but there’s a story behind it. With every visit at their hotel they give you a back story of the hotel– in the early 1900s, the work of farmers and ranchers created the town of Anaheim, initially known for its incredible walnut crop half the nation’s supply! The decor was an ode to the history of the location. Catchy!

We got a family room which had two queen size beds- my parents came with us and we had a slumber party every night– their reaction can be seen here. The beds were like clouds and the pillows were comfortable. I actually slept on these pillows, which says a lot since I don’t like sleeping with fluffy pillows, but these hugged my head nicely– if that makes sense. They had cribs and sheets available.

Great additions to the hotel while in California

Something I also like to take note of is if there’s a pool available because sometimes there is time to sneak in a quick dip. Luckily, Indigo Hotel had a semi-heated outdoor pool AND jacuzzi which we are able to enjoy two times! Then for those that like to pump some iron there’s a gym available.

Let’s not forget the FREE on-site parking, the location was convenient for everything Anaheim — like the 10-minute walk to Disney Land or California Adventure or the Anaheim Garden Walk. Then having a Walgreens and CVS across the street. The staff was accommodating– they were well attuned to their guests and always greeted us with welcoming smiles.

Can’t wait for next year! Oh and if you’re wondering about the car we drove, it was the Kia Sedona which perfectly fit 4 adults and two car seats comfortably!

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