Where Are They Now?

I don’t think I’m the only one who wonders whatever happened to their favorite artists back when they were growing up, I grew up on 90’s and early 2000’s music. I grew up loving the pop-songs of my generation and yes I was a teeny boopper follower. Any popular song I heard you better believe I was in front of my mirror belting out all my “talent.”

Anyone remember those hotties from the UK “5ive?” We were use to the British accent because of the Spice Girls, but this was the first time us young girls were introduced to guys with the weird, yet very attractive accents, haha. They didn’t really blow up here in America, but they had a hit single which till this day I still love, “When The Lights Go Out”. As I was browsing around in the Internet world I found out that in 2013 they will be returning to our television sets for a reunion! Yay for us so I thought. It will only be televised in the UK, boo! For a more in-depth look at what each individual band member has been up to since their departure go to This Must Be Pop.


Now who remembers O*Town? One of the original reality tv stars who made it big in 2000 on “Making the Band,” before Puff Daddy took over and ruined it. They were super hot, but unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, looks don’t always mean a prosperous career. They had their hit single “Liquid Dreams” and soon after that song slowly died out they had to keep up the momentum, which they did. The next hit single was “All or Nothing”. Shortly after that and another season of “Making the Band,” J records dropped them and the band broke up in 2003. But guess what? Apparently in 2011 they were working on an album without Ashley Parker! I don’t know how that’s going to work. I did try to reach out to Ashley, Erik and Trevor via Twitter and got no response. Boo! Maybe it was just talk?


Who could forget Blaque? With hit singles like “808” and “Bring It All To Me” we could only hope that they would stay around longer than other groups, but unfortunately their break-up was bond to happen like everyone else’s. It was a hell of a roller coaster ride for these women from breaking-up, getting rid of a member and bringing a new member in, getting signed to another label, to breaking-up again, to come out with albums, break up again and get back together. It was for real this time though, the ladies were just getting back into the studio to record an album until a tragedy struck. The death of Natina Reed (left) which happened October 26, 2012 in Georgia when she was hit by a car while crossing the street. What’s eerie was that she died involving a car accident just like her mentor Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez. Natina leaves behind a 10-year-old son. RIP. A reunion now is far-fetched.


Now on to a bit less depressing news. ‘Where these girls at?’ 702 have gone through more members than Destiny’s Child if you can believe it and kept it in the family. All members who have been in and out are LeMisha Grinstead, Irish Grinstead, Orish Grinstead (deceased)
Kameelah Williams, Cree Lamore, Amelia Childs. The trio above is how I remember them and many other fans do too. Remember these hit tracks “Steelo”, “Get It Together” and ““Where My Girls At?” they were sure to stick around trio or solo, but that unfortunately never happened. Although Irish (right) and Lemisha (center) left the lime light, Kameelah (left) stated back in 2010 that she is in the studio working on an album- we have yet to hear anything…hopefully though! Something I found out while researching is that Irish dated Marqus Houston and Ray J back then- yuck! And Kameelah has a child with Musiq Soul Child (crickets).


I was absolutely a fan of Paula Deanda! A very talented cute girl who had the voice of an angel! Whatever happened to her? I remember her career was headed in the right direction when TRL was still around and then once they retired it went dead on her end. If you can’t recall her songs she had hits such as, “Walk Away”, “Doing Too Much” and “Easy”. Unlike many other artists I just spoke about, she has continued to pursue her music career. Paula has posted up covers on her Youtube page like “Marvin’s Room” since the Summer of 2010 and just released a new song this past week “Your Place”. Let’s see if she comes through our radio sets once again!


You’re crazy if you can’t remember who this raving beauty was with such soul. Michelle Branch was one of my absolute favorites. She had hits like and After her first album “The Spirit Room” was a success she soon released a second album “Hotel Paper,” with the first single “Are You Happy Now?” Topping the charts again. What we all know is that when an artist has a hit single its very important to put out a couple more other top charting singles. Unfortunately, for Michelle that didn’t happen. Do to a not so successful album, she branched out to acting and soon after got married and knocked up! Later on she joined a group with another female, but like many groups it didn’t work out. She has come out with a few songs on iTunes, but she has yet to make her mark in the music industry like she once did before. This is one artist I wound love to hear again streaming through my radio system and to see on magazine covers! Until then check out her latest song and video “Loud Music”

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