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What to do to Prevent Lice

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how to prevent lice

I never ever got lice, thank the beautiful skies for that because I heard stories and I’ve seen videos of those creepy crawlers infested in hair and it doesn’t look pleasant. One myth I should get out the way, because I once was aloof, if you get lice it doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Although, lice attracts more to clean hair that doesn’t mean that if you keep from washing your hair everyday or every other day that they’ll stay away. Lice affects the rich and the poor, the clean and the not-so-clean.

I only started worrying about lice when Ziana Eliz started going to school and they had an outbreak!

I freaked.

I itched my head and body.

I even thought I felt them crawling on me!

I went home that day and inspected her hair and she didn’t have any. However, if you know the kind of parent I am you know we love to joke and mess with our kid. You may or may not have seen the video where I schooled Ziana on what lice was and how to try and avoid it, but I also made her think she had lice for some giggles! Oh, it was epic!

Lice or critters are fast and once they land on your hair they lay eggs like there’s no tomorrow, which causes the itching because those suckers stay on the move. There are ways to prevent it like keeping your hair up, not share hats and such or make head to head contact, which many of these kids do! Be on top of cleaning their sheets, pillows, and sterilizing their combs. BUT, there’s an even better way because I don’t like putting Ziana’s hair up– use shampoo, conditioner and spray to make sure those pesky lice don’t dare step foot in your hair. I’ve been a fan of So Cozy for quite awhile now and when I was looking for remedies– So Cozy popped up in my search I was surprised that they had a line specifically for lice.

I’ve been using the shampoo which has a formula infused with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that help keep lice away. There is absolutely no added fragrance just that of the ingredients; peppermint, rosemary and lavender. I follow up with conditioner which has tea tree, peppermint, rosemary and lavender ingredients. Ziana’s hair smells delicious and looks great. I follow-up in the morning before school with the spray — I use this with the shampoo/conditioner regime or alone. It does have a strong smell, but eventually disappears. You can find them at CVS, Walgreens and Target. Quick side note, I use their styling cream when I do put her hair up and it holds great, silky and doesn’t leave residue.

How are you going to prevent lice?

fight lice away

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prevent lice

ways to prevent lice

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