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What Not To Wear (Sneakers, Sweats, Leggings)

Questionable Fashion Choices

I grew up embarrassed by my parents like every kid, right? My parents dressed up all the time for any occasion– and I mean any occasion. Whether it was a wedding, BBQ or a trip to Home Depot the dress code didn’t differ much. I was always puzzled by it and hated it!My mother would go as far as dressing up just to stay in the house! Looking back on my college years when I started to care about what I wore I saw myself also being that kind of person who had to dress up or look her best for any and all occasions.

Of course I like to dress down from time to time, but that’s only in the comfort of my own home. Some women can wear their inside clothes outside and sometimes that’s just a no-no. The three “oh no’s”– gym sneakers, sweats and leggings/tights.

Guilty of all three. Gym sneakers I’ve worn to walk the dog around the block, sweats back in the 90’s and leggings well– if worn correctly.

They’re all easy access items you can throw on and walk out the house with, but are you really going to feel amazing in them?

Gym sneakers are to be worn at the gym! No excuses, okay or just use them to walk around the block with your dog.

Sweats- as comfortable as they are if LL Cool J isn’t wearing them then don’t try to bring the style back. Although, I do have a feeling it will make a comeback outside of your home. Harem pants remind me of sweats just way more classier and stylish, so who knows?!

how not wear leggings

Lastly, leggings/tights… Where to begin? They’re affordable and they come in different colors, what a convenience! The only way these can be worn is if you’re wearing a shirt/sweater/dress over them. They are NOT, I repeat ARE NOT TO BE WORN LIKE PANTS!!! When leggings are worn like pants I just think of the person being dirty. Their booty’s and camel toe are on display– “Come it get it if you’re ready nah nah nah nah nah…” Get it?

Here are some ways to wear leggings with style:
– Make sure you booty is covered
– Under dresses/mini-skirts/shotrts
– Over-sized sweaters or cardigans
– Tunics

They look best paired with clothing that isn’t hugging your curves. If you’re wearing say a dress with leggings and the dress is tight you’ll see the lines of the leggings and that’s not appeasing.


Now for all my fellow amigas that are willing or in need of new leggings I found a great website that has gorgeous pairs to add to your wardrobe– Bogo Leggings. Here are a few I handpicked out that can be worked into your closet…


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    Oct 3, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Thanks for referring! My new favorite site!

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      Oct 7, 2014 at 5:45 pm

      You’re welcome!! I absolutely loved the site as well.

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    Oct 3, 2014 at 12:29 am

    I’m loving the camouflage ones.

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      Been looking for a good pair of those too!

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