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Wendy Williams Fashion Collection

Wendy Williams fashion collection

You know I love my fashion and I love my Wendy Williams, or as she’s known in my household, Auntie Wendy! Well, I don’t know how I didn’t know such vital information, BUT Wendy Williams has come out with a clothing line! The line is simply called Wendy Williams. Why wouldn’t it be? No matter if you love or hate her you get intrigued about what she has to say about our favorite celebs. Well, I bet you’re reading right now because you’re interested to see what she’s got going on because Wendy and fashion? I would have never guessed! Sure, she loves her fashion and has her “Eye Candy Of The Day,” but just because someone enjoys fashion doesn’t always mean they know what they’re talking about.

Well, I am happy to prove myself and all you wrong! Auntie Wendy knows exactly what she’s doing with her clothing line. What I’m about to tell you may blow your mind– her Wendy Williams line caters to all sizes from XS to 3X. Now the range in sizes is really great because let’s face it, how many times have we seen outfits that are to die for, but they don’t have our size? PLENTY!

Another great thing to know is that Wendy Williams has just about all the basic colors for each piece; gray, white, and black, but also many of the pieces have great vibrant colors; pink, yellow, blue and floral prints. Wendy Williams is all about her pencil skirts, flare dresses and wrapped dresses so of course has that covered in her line, but knowing many of us also like different styles– well ‘Wendy’s got you covered’ too!

Everything retails for under $100, with dresses retailing from $39.90 to $69.90; tops, $19.90 to $49.90; sweaters, $39.90 to $59.90, and bottoms, $29.90 to $59.90. Fabrics include cotton, polyester and rayon blends with spandex.

To check out her line check out HSN and don’t miss Wendy herself premiering her line on HSN March 28th!

wendy williams clothing line
This wrap dress comes in varies colors and a floral print. What I love about wrap dresses is that you tie it to the side and brings out the curves of your body.

floral pencil skirt
This gorgeous pencil skirt comes in pink (as seen above) and blue floral. The skirt is versatile for the office, date, or just a laid back day.

new fashion
If you like leather, but don’t want to get to crazy with it this pencil skirt is perfect! The pockets are the only faux leather material and the color block makes it a step in right direction of fashion.

chambray shirt
This tie-front should be a staple in your wardrobe by now! It’s effortlessly chic and versatile. Also, at the bottom of where the tie is there’s a snap button so you won’t have to deal with any open space!

wendy williams collection
Simple elbow sleeve sweater comes in black, white and a gorgeous magenta color.

What do you think of Wendy Williams line so far?

And if you missed Auntie Wendy giving my little girl a shout out on our daily YouTube channel you can watch it here-

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