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Way Too Much Me Time Mommy’s

mother and daughter

Being a mother is no easy task, being a parent period is one of the hardest jobs ever especially if you’re actually involved in your child’s life. It’s one of the joyous moments in life when you help create your mini-me and watch them grow everyday into someone you love so much you can’t even help it. However, although many love their children they don’t want to take responsibility for caring for their kids as a parent should.

As a stay home mom I’m around my daughter all day and all night– it’s exhausting. Do I love it? Yes, but of course there are those times where I just want to lock myself in my room, lay under the covers and ignore my daughter. There’s always happy moments, frustrating moments and over exhaustion when it comes to raising a kid, but it’s my responsibility to care for her because I made her. Who else is going to do this job for me?

mother and daddy

My mother always instilled in me that if I were ever to have kids I would raise them, no one else should and she wouldn’t be a 24/7 babysitter. If it’s one thing my mother did well was show me what a mother is. I was never left at anyone’s house unless it was an absolute emergency, she always came to school meetings, after-school activities, entertained me on weekends and so much more. We were glued at the hip and I can only imagine how much of a hard time I gave my mother since I was nick-named “Dennis The Menace.”

That’s an amazing mother and sadly enough all mothers aren’t like that–

Those women who forget they had children and make sure to have the babysitter on speed dial whenever they want to act a fool. You know the ones out partying every weekend when that’s the only time they get to spend time with their kids. Is it really necessary to party and drink EVERY weekend? I definitely understand wanting a break every now and then especially when it’s a best friends birthday or cousin’s birthday, but don’t you feel ashamed having to ask your parent, grandparent– whoever, to babysit every week? Even asking my mother (when I rarely ask) I feel like is an inconvenience.

Just because you take your kid to school and put them to bed does not make you a great mother. This in no way  goes for those mothers who actually have to work to provide for the family or those mommy’s who are separated from the daddy’s and daddy’s have the kid on the weekends. That goes to the mothers who not only work, but when the weekend comes around they rather party it up and post Instagram photos about how life couldn’t get any better (side eye). Really? And then what ticks me off is they have the nerve to celebrate Mother’s Day–

I absolutely love my family days when we go out to the park or a museum and sure many mommy’s don’t have the daddy’s involved, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. Of course I miss those days where I’d party, bar hop, live carelessly, drink and get drunk, but I made the conscious decision to have a baby all that had to stop. Some people I guess just haven’t matured and obviously see nothing wrong with what they’re doing. I just wish those women would take a moment and realize what they’re doing. Your child is only a child once.

How much “me” time does a mommy need?

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    Apr 14, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Your honesty is refreshing. And I can totally relate about feeling bad asking our moms to babysit. Being a mom can be hard and we will have our bad days or weeks but its also the most loving and selfless thing we can do and the love we receive back is infinite and amazing! 🙂

    • Reply
      Apr 15, 2014 at 12:52 am

      Thanks! Yes some of us are just built for it and others aren’t which is very unfortunate.

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