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Urban Outfitters Haul

What The F#&%ion!? What The F#&%ion!?

Today’s isn’t even about horrible fashion not one item! Instead it’s about my little shopping adventure this past weekend at Urban Outfitters– where shopping is truly an orgasmic experience, where clothes was especially made with love and care from Heaven. Haha, a bit much? I absolutely love Urban Outfitters and their expensive beautiful crap.


What’s in for the Spring and Summer are floral prints. Whether it be on your shoes, pants, dresses or head– it’s in! The first item I bought was a floral hat which by the way was in the men’s section, but I bought it for myself. In love and for $35 it could be yours too!

I love heels and since Ziana I haven’t been wearing heels much, but these were a must buy–

Talk about the meaning of com-for-ta-ble. My absolute new favorite shoes for the coming months– dress it up or down. Ecote has more shoes and clothing sold at Urban Outfitters and for only $40 and these can be yours too. Check it out here. And I suggest not buying them online because for some reason UO always raises the prices online.


This shirt is very classy yet sexy due to the semi-bunging neckline– a small peep show is always good 🙂 I’m usually not into fake diamonds they put on clothing and such, but these are of a higher standard as you see. Sparkle and Fade have such amazing clothing that you’re never going to not want to fill your closet up with their pieces. I’m already eyeing this piece–

20130410-223519.jpg And if it wasn’t for my big breasts having to wear a bra I would’ve already bought this :/ Check more out here.

I couldn’t go shopping with getting a little something for the honey so I bought him a backpack he’s been wanting for a long time. Although expensive ($69) it’s very nice and is of great quality. Hershel did a great job with 3 pockets– the same old two that’s been around for years plus a small pocket for your glasses! Which by the way is covered in soft black cloth to not leave any scratches. Then on the inside has a divider where you can put your laptop/iPad which also has soft cloth protecting your device. Awesome! Check out more of their work here.

Remember buy in the store if it’s an option!



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