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Unbelievable Facts About Johnson and Johnson

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Oh, yes the title says it all– Johnson & Johnson has many hidden secrets you may or may not know of. I became and ambassador for Johnson’s Baby last year and was beyond thrilled. When I first started blogging it was for fun, and although it still is fun, I never thought of making it a business and being given so many opportunities. My mother lathered me in Johnson’s Baby classic lotion and I continued that tradition with the kids. So imagine my surprise when I was asked to be an ambassador. Now imagine being invited to the Johnson and Johnson headquarters and their museum– or as they call it the POWER HOUSE, for a couple days to get it all the deets of how they operate.

Behind Johnson and Johnson on Youtube

You can also catch all behind the scenes on the vlog- day 1 and day 2.

Fun History Facts about J&J

We all enjoy certain products for various reasons, I enjoyed Johnson and Johnson products forever, but I get them, use them and throw them out when empty, but did you ever really get to know the company of the product you enjoy? Besides being around since the late 1800’s– yes 1880’s, I didn’t know that J&J was behind so many innovative ideas and you’ll be amazed as well.

1- Did you know that Johnson and Johnson brothers were the first people to get the word out that sterilization was important for performing surgeries? Back then doctors didn’t use gloves, they literally walked in from the street and performed surgery on patients. Explains the high death tolls.

2- They created first aid kits!

3- They were the first to mass-produce floss using leftover suture silk (a seam used in surgery)

4- Disposable sanitary napkins– yep that was them!

5- Bandaids are all them. That idea came about when an employees wife was using cotton and tape to cover up injuries while cooking.

6- They made over-the-counter medication safer by inventing safety-sealed, tamper resistant packaging. Then moved on to making capsules/pills that couldn’t be opened, once there was tampering with putting cyanide in them from someone who was trying to murder her spouse. DEEP!

7- J&J debuted the first disposable contact lenses that could be worn for up to a week.

Now first things first, when creating a new product they aren’t just thrown in a bottle, they’re given rigorous testing for up to a year.
– They’ll test it in all different temperatures
– They use cosmetic and pharma-grade testing which is the HIGHEST testing you can do, but don’t have to.

What else is Johnson and Johnson up to?

They aren’t just committed to bettering the medical field, but our planet, physical and mental health. Starting now until June 16th they are donating $1 every time you post on your Facebook or Twitter what you want for every family to have- click here to share.

Johnson & Johnson cut down on its use of electricity from traditional power plants, which rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, to produce energy. The wind project will help reduce pollution, while providing a renewable, economical alternative to conventional electricity sources. You can’t have healthy people without a healthy environment.

A Johnson & Johnson Researcher is working toward a world in which diseases like depression and schizophrenia are diagnosed quickly and handled without stigma.

For more of what they’re doing or have been doing all these years check out J&J website.

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