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Turning Chores into Hilarious Hijinks

Turning Chores into Hilarious Hijinks! Ever feel like getting your kids to do chores is like pulling teeth? Well, join the club! In this blog post, I spill the beans on how my 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son tackle their chores with all the enthusiasm of a Monday morning wake-up call. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through our chore adventures, where reluctance turns into surprise, giggles, and a whole lot of unexpected fun!

My 11-Year-Old Daughter’s Chores

  1. Bathroom Boogie: The ‘Oh, I Forgot!’ Dance Party

Meet my bathroom diva! Here her chore is to clean the bathroom; walls, around the toilet, cupboards and sink. However, when it’s time to scrub-a-dub-dub, she throws an ‘Oh, I Forgot!’ dance party. It’s a surprise twist that turns bathroom blues into bathroom boogie.

2. Laundry: Folding Under the Pressure

Clothes need to be washed, she knows this. Everyone knows this, yet it’s a shocking surprise when she has to fold her clothes and put it away. It’s been 5 years girl, get it together!

3. Vaccum Time!

With a vacuum in hand and a hint of reluctance, she turns the mundane task into a surprise cleaning spectacle, leaving no corner untouched. For now, it’s only her bedroom, or unwillingly will tackle whatever part of the house needs her dust-busting help.

4. Mirror Mayhem

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most surprised of them all? My daughter rebels with a gleeful ‘Mirror Mayhem’ surprise, turning cleaning into a reflection rebellion. This is not hard as well, but a 5 minutes task turns into a 40-minute dance battle with herself.

My 7-Year-Old Son’s Chores

1. Wall to Wall

As my son takes on the chore of wiping down walls, his approach may not be flawless, but the effort is there. It’s a bit of a surprise each time, and while I might need to do a touch-up right behind him, the fact that he’s willing to give it a shot brings a genuine smile to my face. It’s a teamwork effort, imperfect yet endearing

2. Laundry Time

Gunner tosses his clothes into the hamper with an almost basketball-like flair. While the aim might not always be spot-on, his willingness to contribute by prepping the clothes for washing is both adorable and appreciated. He also folds his own clothing.

3. Wipe Down Table Time

The living room table or kitchen table, you name it, he’s on it! Of course, he loves to ask “WHY!?” BUt it gets done. He will not be giving my future daughter-in-law a headache.

4. Bathroom Bin Buddy

It’s a simple gig but an essential one – he handles the task of emptying the bathroom garbage. What makes it stand out is his commitment to the entire process. Not only does he dutifully take out the trash, but he also ensures that a fresh garbage bag is ready to roll.

So, here’s the real deal, fellow moms. Chores at our place are a bit like a sitcom – you never know what unexpected twist might come next. With my not-always-enthusiastic crew, every cleaning session becomes a bit of a wild ride. Take a cue from our chaos if you need, and let’s tackle this adventure together!

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